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  1. Thank you! Although I am not an expert, I am a young professional who has had the chance to play on very fine instruments while studying in London (Pressenda, Long Pattern Strad, Ceruti, Rota, Hel, etc.). Having returned to my homecountry of Portugal, I would like to start a collection in order to lend good quality instruments to students who don't have the possibility to afford them themselves. Besides, I love the violin, the instrument I play, and finding beautiful and good sounding specimens gives me great pleasure. I don't believe I have to be an expert in luthierie to start a violin collection. Well, not having the opportunity to try it before paying for it, I think I will not pay this price for the instrument. Thank you for your help and welcoming message. Thank you for welcoming me! I appreciate your help. I don't think I will buy this instrument.
  2. Hi! My name is André and I am new around here. I am a professional violinist who is starting an instrument collection. At a recent auction I was given the chance of buying a violin labeled "Farotto Celestino allievo dello zio Celste fece in Milano l'Anno 1959" for 700€. Thing is, I am not an expert on luthierie whatsoever, so I don't know if this is a copy or not. Could someone with a trained eye clarify it for me? And maybe also let me know if you think this is a good deal? Appreciate your kindness!
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