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  1. @GeorgeH: Thanks, that's the info I was looking for. Back to the workbench..!
  2. Thanks all for the great info. Not much doubt about the Markneukirchen provenance, but mostly I'm curious if the stamped marque identifies a particular shop in the region. And yes, always understood about labels being swapped between models..
  3. Hi all Does anyone recognise this stamp marque on a $25 kijiji purchase? Interior and general workmanship seems rough, kind of like a Czech violin I posted about previously. Bass bar is integrally carved. Thanks Brian
  4. Oh yeah, and the fingerboard will need a bit of a scrape....
  5. Hi all, Thanks so much for the great input. Yes it is hyphenated, so that puts it in that post WW1 era. Don't know how it sounds as-is; I found it at a second hand store (The ReStore, here in Canada) for $15 sans strings, bridge or case. The back is cracked almost full length, and there are no corner blocks, so I will tidy up the top carving, fix the crack and give it a try! No end of adventure, these things! Thanks
  6. Hi, just thought I'd post a couple photos of the interior of a Czech violin that I opened up ( fix some cracks). Has anyone run across this before? All the gouge marks are still prominent, and the bass bar is carved integral to the top. Fascinating!
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