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  1. Ah, I concur re the edge, didn't notice that. But some higher end Chinese violins are pretty convincing. One of my advanced students brought in a (brand new) "old" instrument to try the other week and I was pretty impressed with the level of detail in the antiquing and the overall style. The sound wasn't great (sorry student ) but purely as a copy it did look convincing.
  2. Definitely Czech or antiqued Chinese, depending on the age. JTL would have a paper label, and the corners are the wrong shape, too rounded. The edge joints don't look thick enough and possibly have been blackened to hide the obvious join? The timber and varnish colour don't have the typical JTL look either. The blackening of the pegbox is a bit obvious too.
  3. Hello LilHobbit, I also have a Laberte "Derazey". I can thoroughly recommend them, the sound and response on mine is outstanding, very full and smooth. I enjoy the youthfulness and openness of the "French" sound. Like the violin in your photo, mine also has on Evah Pirazzi Gold strings which are an excellent fit. (I switched to the green ones to experiment, but the sound was much better with the golds.)
  4. Thank you, yes I was leaning towards 1800s but wasn't sure. No label so cottage industry fits (plus of course the chunky monkey scroll ) The neck angle is fine but I'll have to replace the fingerboard, it's not very pretty. I think I'll keep the original nut as I like its unstained look. There is a very tiny hairline gap where the ribs meet the neck, I was wondering about that but now I understand about the through neck it makes sense. Would a bit of hide glue with sawdust do to seal it up?
  5. That's interesting, thanks for the info. Would this help to determine the date or around where it was made? (I'm guessing German ...?)
  6. Hi everyone I've picked up this little 1/2 size violin, not totally sure of its date or where it was made. A bit crude in some areas, but in others not too bad. The purfling is properly done, and the interior top and bass bar are carved quite well. However I'm curious about the weird neck block (or lack thereof). Is this original or some kind of hack job? It looks like there is a nail above it as well, a bit hard to tell. Photos are beneath. Thanks for any help! (P.S. no corner blocks)
  7. Thanks guys, I'm sorry, I am still finding my way around this forum. I do appreciate all the kind responses! Incidentally I did contact the seller before I decided not to go ahead with the purchase, and he indicated that it would arrive set up. In any case I would have been able to set it up easily myself, I'm quite used to that The violin would be for one of my students, not for me.
  8. Because I was thinking of buying it, and thought it would be useful to seek an informed opinion. And I am interested in the unusual f hole shape, as are apparently others judging by the interesting responses above. However on this board it seems you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. And I wasn't duping anyone
  9. Hi GeorgeH, just an ordinary imitation label ...
  10. I've uploaded some more images below. Maybe Czech?
  11. Yes, scary comes to mind! (And yes, an imitation Guarnerius label ) Has any one seen this particular, er, personal flair on any other instrument to help identify the maker?
  12. Hi guys, I'm curious whether anyone can recognise the maker or style from this f hole shape?
  13. I have two old German violins that have a similar general appearance, but different f holes, purfling, and corner lengths (both BOB though). I'm curious whether this is down to a difference in maker, region, period, or a combo of the above. If anyone can help, I'll pop the photos underneath. Thank you!
  14. Thank you, I have removed the photos.
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