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  1. Thanks guys, I'm sorry, I am still finding my way around this forum. I do appreciate all the kind responses! Incidentally I did contact the seller before I decided not to go ahead with the purchase, and he indicated that it would arrive set up. In any case I would have been able to set it up easily myself, I'm quite used to that The violin would be for one of my students, not for me.
  2. Because I was thinking of buying it, and thought it would be useful to seek an informed opinion. And I am interested in the unusual f hole shape, as are apparently others judging by the interesting responses above. However on this board it seems you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. And I wasn't duping anyone
  3. Hi GeorgeH, just an ordinary imitation label ...
  4. I've uploaded some more images below. Maybe Czech?
  5. Yes, scary comes to mind! (And yes, an imitation Guarnerius label ) Has any one seen this particular, er, personal flair on any other instrument to help identify the maker?
  6. Hi guys, I'm curious whether anyone can recognise the maker or style from this f hole shape?
  7. I have two old German violins that have a similar general appearance, but different f holes, purfling, and corner lengths (both BOB though). I'm curious whether this is down to a difference in maker, region, period, or a combo of the above. If anyone can help, I'll pop the photos underneath. Thank you!
  8. Thank you, I have removed the photos.
  9. Please, I was wondering if I can get any thoughts from any of the experts here on the veracity of this violin I just purchased in an auction? It is very beautifully made and in excellent condition, and is reputedly Italian. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi Wood Butcher, thanks for your response. The seller of the first violin did make sure to mention to me to get new pegs. I agree about the fittings on the second one! Will get all that replaced, and have a new bridge fitted.
  11. Thanks Philip for your response. The F hole crack on the second violin has previously been repaired, and the label suggests it must be a copy of a Guadagnini violin (hence the gaudy red-gold layered varnish). I quite like the dappled flame effect from the wear on the top, which is what attracted me to this particular violin, although I guess it's not to everyone's taste. The back looks more typically aged. I would love to get some ideas on who is likely to have made the copy. No bows with either violin, although I suppose that wouldn't help much with identification.
  12. Hello everyone! I purchased two old violins in online auctions recently (and yes, I know that's often a no-no lol) and I was wondering if anyone can offer any information about them based on their general appearance? I have uploaded some photos for you to see. They both appear well made, in good condition, and look nice. Any other details are rather hazy, so any thoughts are appreciated. One is from a seller in England (an ex violin teacher). The other is from a seller in Germany who was selling it for someone else, and doesn't have any info about the provenance.
  13. Thank you, this is all very useful to learn!
  14. Thanks W.C! As I'm a player, not a maker, please treat me like a complete dummy and if you're able could you explain these aspects further for me? I've attached a closer corner/rib picture, if you can point anything out that would be great. Also is there a certain shape to the scroll that lets you know where it was made?
  15. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster I recently bought a violin which contains the label of a workshop, and it is both numbered and dated. However since I know that labels can be misleading, I've taken some photos which I will post below. Measurements are approx 357 back, 168 upper bout, 113 centre bout, and 207 lower bout. The violin is very light to hold. It has a powerful and deep tone, rather viola-like. On the upper notes the tone turns very sweet. I would like to get some work done on the violin and trying to determine if the label is likely to be real and if it is worth spending