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  1. I already have quite a few of those tools and I didn't think of practicing on wood from a lumberyard but I'll do that, I can definitely see how it would be helpful. I looked for someone to find to ask about it but I live in myrtle beach sc and at least as far as I can find there isn't too much appreciation for the arts down here, more just a lot of dumb drunk people. Thanks for all the help!
  2. I've played violin for 4 years and recently I have wanted to try making them. I have absolutely no idea where to start and want to if at all possible avoid spending $100 just on a book. I have tried to find someone I could go and talk to about it but couldn't find anyone who makes violins in my area. Some more specific questions I had were what is the baseline for tools I would need, what kinds of wood would I need and where could I get it, are there any online or cheap resources I could use for a guide and if not what are some recommendations for good books to look into? Also just advice of any kind would be very helpful.
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