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  1. Great! I really like these. Well made - nice attention to detail on the heel too. Now that you’ve made a few, what would you say the difference is? in how they play and respond? w.
  2. Thanks - is that the "Division viola da Gamba" from Boston Museum of Fine Art? Wb.
  3. I don't read German - but there are always ways around that! It looks like it is out of print, but I can see it on the internet, I will Search. Thanks! Thank you violguy - yep, got that. I got the plans from....er...I have to search to remember - but I just found this- have not had time to search the site yet:The Orpheon Foundation: Viola da gamba Albanus Blasted if I can remember where I purchased the plans from. AHH! wait I will search PayPal: GAL - Guild of American Luthiers. Plan #40 - English Treble ’Gamba after Henry Jaye Plan #29 - Low-Cost Bass Viol. Do you have the same ? Or different? Do let me know. Regards Wb.
  4. Thank You, I have downloaded this from: (1) (PDF) Shapes of the baroque | William Monical - Academia.edu Thanks - I believe it is in a library here. Thank you Jacob - I have this bookmarked. Very nice. Thanks ViolGuy - If you did manage to find or recommend anything it would be very appreciated. I have some plans coming for a Bass Viol - which at least will give me a start. Thank you, It would be great if you had them scanned - but do you think the book worth getting in general, for general knowledge? Great - I will go there as soon as I can. and basically ask similar questions. lol I have found one in Australia too. What you have sent is great - it has a link to the edition it comes from on the side. If the problem you had is because of send here - I can give you my address if you like. But I really appreciate what you have sent. I have downloaded this, thank you. IF you did have that pdf at the end my gratitude would be sincere. I can not find it anywhere. Thank you. I have downloaded this too. it is fantastic. Very illuminating. Thank you Oi Vey! This took a lot of faffing to get. Fortunately a friend in the UK gifted it to me in the end. Microsoft Word Translate is really helping with my (now) slow French. It is a really good publication. Thank you. I would really like to know why you say this. As I trust your words, especially with me being so new to this.. Is it not so "accurate" or too much...'fiction'? please could you let me know? Thank You! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wow. I really wanted to get this response out earlier, but, well, life stuff.. I hope I haven't left any one out. So much information and help was completely unexpected, and already I have learned so much. Just from reading and looking. I hope I can be of help as time goes forward.. Many Regards and stay well, Wb.
  5. Also, may I suggest the wood database if you are not familiar with it. I am quite new too, and I have found it a great resource for comparing wood types: The Wood Database (wood-database.com) you may know it, of course. Wb.
  6. Is this specific to Violin / Viola. I was thinking about the big brother Double bass scroll and was thinking yesterday about ratios. (Hooray for me and my Vague-not-quite-understanding-it-fully-because-noobish Question.) And THANK YOU very much for posting David.
  7. I third that. But a bendy one. (image: By Uamceh2093030093 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9390119)
  8. Firstly - apologies to ALL in my lateness of reply. Well. There is quite a lot to go through here with links and suggestions - so I would like to answer you all and maybe ask some questions - but I will do that tomorrow. In the meantime and once again: thank you for your replies. William B.
  9. Hello all. Well, my first post here since joining a while back. I have been looking - to no avail - for books concerning the building of Viol De Gambas. The main treatise I can come up with is: Building a Treble Viola Da Gamba: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide by Wolfgang Bottenberg Save that I can not find it anywhere -it is seemingly out of print and has been for some time. I have seen it in a luthier Library but I am in Sydney and the Library is in America. Does Anyone have any good sources of information for building the various Gemba's? (I have watched many, many you tube videos, but they only take one so far....). I have found this publication - "Viola Da Gamba by Nathalie Dolmetsch" is anyone here familiar with it and it's contents? I actually do have some Gamba plans on the way , and additionally, I have books on Double Bass construction. But books specifically Gamba? no Luck. If anyone can help or suggest some good sources, I would be eternally grateful. If anyone has this Bottenberq book and would like to part with/sell it, then again, I would be eternally grateful. Thank You for taking the time to read. I figured that this would be the best place to ask, it's such a great site and I have learned so much here. Sincerely William
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