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  1. Could you all tell me what the actual value was ?? I hot $750.00 for it. Thank you with advanced appreciation
  2. Thank you ALL for educating me. I am always seeking knowledge and to remain open minded and teachable . Again you all are exceptional here .
  3. Haha. Don't be such a Negative Nelly. They are local, came and played it. Loved it. If course they are ecstatic to have taken the Viola home.Hope your glass stays half empty. Drink responsibly Maestro. Haha
  4. Spolemam. Great Insight and keen advice. Just sold for $725.00 Thank you All for the Hunble Quidance"
  5. Thank You so much!!! I appreciate your keen insight and suggestion.
  6. I appreciate your vigorous assessment based on info and photos I provided. I'm not a Musician, I'm an Amateur at best. Lyricist and Published ,poet. Any help would be Humbly Received
  7. Violin by Vuillaume á Paris Rue Croix des Petits Champs 46Approx. 22”Lx8”WThe paper sticker inside has the following information, and the alphabet ‘h’ is in the spelling of ChampsVuillaume á ParisRue Croix des Petits Champs 46The violin is feather light; with a bow. Even without any tuning it has the most beautiful ethereal sound………The carrying case has a compartment with a cleaning clothThe carrying case center lock has a hand holding a horseshoe with a Popes hat and cross, initial Jr. with the name “GARANTIE” and translates (“to warrant, vouch for something”)Make an offer on All OR Combination Lots listed as "Estate" & Cash & carry!A musician violinist friend and not an appraiser informed me that it was a genuine Vuillaume
  8. Excellent. Thank You for taking time to send reply. I appreciate the advice. I'll delete case photos and Enhance and Add Bow Photos.
  9. Greetings All. Great Site here! Seems as though so many members are.very knowledgeable. Amazing and Creative Folks seem to offer good information. I've come into a very beautiful Violin in original Case. Vuillaume des Petite Champe 46 it says on inside. Any ideas or additional thoughts on value and condition would be greatly appreciated. It comes with original Case an extra String (old original package) and a Drezden string piece (wood) and beautiful A.Breton Bow
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