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  1. I acquired this violin and bow from a man who said his mother used to play it back in the 50s and 60s. There is no label or markings that I can see inside the violin but the bow appears to have "Baus" on it which I assume stands for Bausch. Does anyone have any information on them? I work on guitars but gave this a bit of a clean and a set up and it sounds great. Would like to try my hand at restoring this violin and re-hairing the bow. Just checking that it's not anything too expensive before I begin.
  2. I found this suzuki violin in a terrible state up on a shelf at my work. I felt sorry for it so I took it home and gave it some new strings, peg compound, a tailpiece, a clean and bought it a new bow. It keeps its tune well, is plenty resonant and has a nice tone to my ear compared with others I have played. This thing has revived my passion for violin after not playing for 20 years so I'd like to know a bit more about it. The label says Suzuki Nagoya 1974, No. 240. I assume it's a cheap student model but I can't find anything about the 240 model online, only the 220. Can anyone provide m