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  1. Nice careful work. One inexpensive tool that helps me alot is using a pin contour gauge. You can use it to check asymmetry anyplace across the long arch. Looking great!
  2. Varnishing torrefied wood is different than raw white wood. The flames are darkened by torrifying and don't need much of anything to make them pop.
  3. Don't have anything flatter than a #7. I must have sold them.
  4. I'll see what I have. I've been selling off a few of my banjos and have gotton scammed a couple of times on banjohangout.com Selling there is great because there are no fees like Ebay,. But you have to be careful with the amount of scammers. They are good.
  5. Not doing much carving these past years so I'll look and see if I have a flatter one. I have several gouges but would need to know what sweep you have and what you would prefer. Here's a link... https://diefenbacher.com/sweep-charts/
  6. Nice cradle and your roughing gouge looks like a good ol' vintage one. The maple is nice and hard should make an excellent back. I have nothing to add, your doing great work and I'm enjoying your journey.
  7. Nice video Mike. Cbouts next?
  8. ernym

    ID Please??

    You guessed right, it's Chinese. Owner emailed me.
  9. ernym

    ID Please??

    Looks in good shape to be antique. Modern then? And the carving? Anyone?
  10. ernym

    ID Please??

    These are from another website.
  11. ernym

    VSO fingerboard

  12. Beat me to it. And here I thought I had something useful to contribute.
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