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  1. Matthew, Keep on eye on Ebay. There are two sellers who I know buy from The Wood Well and resell it. They use the same grading system TWW uses so it's easy to spot. I still have a few one piece quilted backs and some chocolate flame big leaf that I plan to use. I also wonder what the heck Bruce is going to do with all that wood?
  2. Their website says that they are no longer selling wood. I’ve bought from them in the past. I will miss spending the day going through piles of maple and spruce. I knew Merle too and he was a very generous man. Also a violin maker.
  3. I wonder what the reason The Wood Well has shut it's doors? The late owner had plenty of grandchildren working there. Also wonder what they are going to do with three large buildings chock full of wood? Sorry to hear this.
  4. http://www.fiolinmaker.no/tips-triks.php?uside=eigenvekt.no&flagg=no
  5. It is. https://www.pegheadnation.com/instruments-gear/vintage-vault/1914-gibson-h-1-mandola-demo-and-mini-lesson/
  6. Interesting violinish/fiddle
  7. Very sad news. Many great fiddlers competed at Weiser's Old Time Fiddle Contest over the years including Byron. I never saw him compete but did see him perform in a small Baptist church in Tacoma,WA one year at Wintergrass. https://www.idahobluegrassassociation.org/byron-berline-weiser-fiddle-champion.html Byron is at the top of my list of great fiddlers of all time. He just released a 3 CD set that is fabulous and a must have. He reopened another fiddle shop in Gutherie OK after his Double Stop Fiddle Shop burned to the ground. Tragic loss, he will be missed by so many, but his gift of music to us will live on. Thank you Byron Rest in Peace
  8. A real hurricane when it comes to competing. A lefty that plays a right handed fiddle. She's won her 5th Grand National at Weiser. 3rd round, fast forward to 16:15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyleTbQwLI8 Final round, ff to 17:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw8xXFIsR8Y
  9. I attended a small workshop with Brittany, Tristian and Tashina Clarridge. Her 5 string's sound is excellent. I have not heard either of Lauren's 5 string fiddles but have heard a few of Jon Cooper's 4 string fiddles and they also sound great. I have not heard one of your fiddles up close yet Barry, hopefully one day I'll run into one.
  10. Can you recommend one that is hot enough?
  11. Still leary about cooking in it again. You sure it's OK? That would make one helluva bad day if it broke while cooking on an open flame. I hadn't even considered cooking in a beaker until I watched the Edgar video. I don't have a background in chemistry.
  12. Strong oven cleaner and some scrubbing got it clean.
  13. When cooking colophony down for color, either too long or too hot, does this also decompose the resin? It seems some makers cook there colophony down until it is black like coal in order to achieve a darker color. I often wondered if this is ruining the resin. What do you consider a safe temperature when cooking a colohony/linseed oil varnish? I've been saving some very nice colophony from Portugal and would like to cook a batch of oil varnish using it, but I don't want it too dark. Also I'll be running some fossil copal (Madagascar) soon and I would like to keep it as pale as possible. My understanding is that fossil copal doesn't take as much heat to run as amber. I hope I can keep the temperature down and prevent it from darkening too much.
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