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  1. Thanks, I'm quite fond of it, whatever it is. I've also grown accustomed to luthier's generally unenthusiastic responses. Just have to read between the lines sometimes, and ones like that just make me smile!
  2. What are your favorite things you've heard a luthier say? My favorite was when one day I was showing an instrument of mine to luthier Nick Frirsz. He looked it over for several minutes with a rather inquisitive expression and said: "Well, it's pretty cool. It was made by someone, who was sitting next to someone, who knew what they were doing." I got a big kick out of this and will never forget it. I still have the instrument, which has since been restored and is really quite exceptional, and I think about that line all the time.
  3. I'm glad you liked it! It was quite the job and very rewarding to get it back to playing music after decades of neglect in an attic.
  4. I'm not advertising here, just thought people would like to see interesting instruments that have gone through thorough restorations. I didn't mention that the violin is for sale at all. I tried to upload the photos of the restoration but received and error message, so I provided a link to my website. Didn't see the harm in that.
  5. You know, I'm not sure which models he used. It appears quite Stradiviarian to me, but it's certainly a possibility. Bergonzi to me always have a very particular shape to the upper portion of the top and c bouts which I don't see here, but it's all speculation.
  6. Thanks! The player is my father, James. He's my official instrument tester
  7. Here is a really interesting Winterling violin that I had restored. It retains its original fittings, which is particularly cool because Winterling developed his own style of peg. I couldn't get the photos of the restoration to upload, but they can be found here.
  8. Here's a cool one I have. Only thing I know about it is it used to be on an old Virzi violin.
  9. I would very much like to share with the world a record that my parents (Lesley Heller and James Burnham) made many years ago. Like so many, I believe they never received the recognition they deserved as first rate violinists. The album includes the Sarasate Navarra, Moszkowski Op. 71 for two violins and piano featuring pianist Mary Louise Vetrano, and Spohr Op. 67 in a minor for two violins. The recording can be found on Spotify here. The album is also available on Amazon and iTunes for purchase, if anyone so desires to support. Thank you
  10. The violin is in poor condition, as it has been stripped of its varnish. I believe it may have been in a fire at one point as the varnish is still on the scroll and is charred. I have certainly drawn no conclusions, just suspicions. It very well may be a German instrument closer to 1900, but it has a lot of really nice qualities, many of which suggest French to me. I have more pictures of the violin here, but don't go crazy, it certainly is not the most exciting fiddle. This is just a pity case that showed up at my doorstep. I was really more just curious if anyone has seen the stamp.
  11. Anyone recognize this maker stamp? The label is entirely illegible, the stamp bears the letters C G. The instrument is of very good quality, mid to late 19th century. I suspect one of the Gands, but have yet to find evidence of this stamp in anything.
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