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  1. I would love to see this bow in person or at least more and better photos, is it possible?
  2. Christophe Landon definitely makes bows and instruments, I have personally seen him doing both. Contact him and he will illuminate you on his training, which is thorough. Christophe is a very accomplished maker and copyist.
  3. Thanks Televet, I am perfectly happy to earn a more senior role and title on Maestronet through contributions. Nothing is for free.
  4. Thanks Jeffrey, interesting place. I love being a “junior member”.
  5. Thanks Martin, I have never been here before, interesting place...I love bows and bow talk.
  6. I only say “almost certainly” because I am looking at photos but it really can’t be anything else. And my pleasure.
  7. That is almost certainly a Jules Fetique, very nice.
  8. I have seen a few Eugene Cuniot bows branded simply CUNIOT. This is worth showing to me if you are ever in NY or want to send it to my shop.
  9. I would like to see the bow in person, if you’re ever in New York I’d be happy to look.
  10. I know this original post is a few years old but just in case you never got to the bottom of your brand mystery this may help.Here is a clear example of the brand on your bow. This photo comes from a JW Knopf.
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