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  1. I am wondering how to get in contact with one of the members from they post. Wweertman. I am a mom of a 14 year old violinist who is, as I type, playing a loaner 1968 violin from you father and she is really starting to like it . A lot.... She is also a Netherlands girl (genetically speaking) and born and raised on Cape Cod so it is very appripoe (sp) for her to have this land (temporarily) in her hands. She has long since outgrown her 3/4 and as a mom of a eager violinist, I want to give her a nice full size. However, our funds have dwindled. I wanted to see if there where any of your dads violins in your collection (full size violin) that is for sale? I am sure not, but being sentimental and from Cape Cod, I thought it would be a wonderful present to give to her. Depending on cost. thanks and let me know if you ever do receive this since it was an old post and I am sure it would be very hard to get in touch with you. thanks kara ps your dad lived next door to my friends dad, Fred Nichy, a viola maker and that is where the loaner is from. He is a wonderful man as well as I am sure your father was. thanks so much kara