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  1. A kindly word. Whilst their behaviour is of great interest, I feel that it is also something of a real shame that the professional and amateur music and instrument website Maestonet has been infected with a small gang of trolls who use the site as their playground to troll posts with completely irrelevant information to the topic, aggressive disruptive misinformation, aggressive systematic trolling attacks on the the topic's author, and to make weirdly infantile jokes on a post such as this one (as just one example) that seeks to do no more than enable others to research and share anything they may know about the highly sensitive topic of veracious accounts and mythical stories about events leading up to the Holocaust and anti-Semitism (erroneously claimed and absolutely genuine) that concern the story about Hopf violins being re-branded to HOPE violins. Furthermore, it is a shame that what has been written by these childish trolls as comments on Maestronet is now the object of study by several renowned professional scholars and their students researching the problem for business and online research and dissemination of pertinent information of troll gangs on the internet. Moreover, those concerned with the study and problem of anti-Semitism will, I think it more than likely, be citing the behaviour of the trolls on this post in forthcoming publications on that topic. Please NOTE: Scholars of deviant behaviour regarding fraud and professional dishonesty already have information on that topic gathered from members of this website on other posts and their openness in that regard should not go unacknowledged. I expect it will be, although not by me. All posts on this website are published in the public domain and they are moderated and are, therefore, exempt from the need for research project directors, undergraduate and post graduate students to seek approval from ethics committees to use this data. Like a fossil in the geological record, what people do in life really does echo down the ages for sure when it is published by those very people. Links to the permanently archived comments on this post are below. (a) https://archive.is/5xKyX (b) https://archive.is/a11dG (c) https://archive.is/ZPHHj (d) https://archive.is/qWTZ
  2. Yet again it is necessary to show you that it is you Blank Face who is the factually incorrect and abusive misinformation troll here. I attach your first abusive post on this thread where you write your usual aggressive troll nonsense and my reply to you. I am under the impression you are a troll because you are a troll. And this image of your trolling proves it. Isn't image data capture as evidence a wonderful thing.
  3. All the information required to answer that question was posted right at the start of the thread - before the childish troll gang landed. But here it is again. In other words, no not just an eBay ad https://archive.is/HlQrA
  4. If the HOPF to HOPE violin story is a myth, as it probably is, we might find one grain of truth (all great lies contain grains of truth) in the fact a talented Jewish pianist called Hopf emigrated to Ireland and once accompanied Einstein (also a Jew) who played violin https://blog.degruyter.com/german-refugees-in-ireland/ Maybe this is one very, very small and convoluted piece of a puzzle about a myth? Maybe not.
  5. I agree, the idea it would does strike me as total nonsense. But then I saw this: https://archive.is/HlQrA Now if the Hopf to HOPE story is veraciousl there is a multitude of unintended consequences regarding latter-day faking re-branding etc that could follow. If it's a myth, which certainly appears most probable at the moment (although the original archived somewhere article source of the story [ if it is indeed the original source] might possibly [who knows?] actually have veracious confirmable evidence in it) then that is something useful we can all add to our stock of knowledge and share with others.
  6. Do you have an obsession with asking irrelevant childish questions as part of your weird childish tolling on the posts started by others trolling posts about subjects that have nothing to do with those posts but everything to do with your own trolling? Grow up man. That's not an order by the way, it;s just an observation based on your childish disruptive enabling behaviour on Maestronet.
  7. We? You mean just you and a tiny trollist handful of weirdos?
  8. What on Earth does your childish and completely misinformed trolling here have to do with the subject matter of this post? Namely an apparent myth about violins and the highly sensitive topic of supposed anti-Semitism in Europe before the Holocaust? Please stick to the topic of the blogpost or else go and post elsewhere about something you maybe do know something about.
  9. In light of the usual little childish troll gang on Maestronet jumping in on subject threads, such as this one, with total misinformation about what has been written and others cowardly supporting those publishing that misinformation here might I suggest anyone with anything pertinent to add to the subject matter of this thread on the sensitive and important subject matter of supposed anti-Semitism and the supposed associated re-branding of Hopf branded violins to HOPE post that information here. Trolls posting cliché childish misinformation and weird accusations about my motives and where I live, along with those supporting those who do so, will be ignored, other than the occasional reminder to them to stop trolling on Maestronet and grow up.
  10. Move on troll if you know nothing about the issue raised here.
  11. If you know nothing about the issue raised in the thread why not move on and stop trolling the post with your childish troll gang?
  12. Who said it was anyone's duty other than you?