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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies and your research. Well, you guessed it, it is about veganism and my client knows what shellac is and I didn’t use hide glue or fish glue in his guitar (or bone). He does want a shiny finish (as in guitar shiny). So I guess the best option is nitrocellulose laquer. Urushi would be great but a bit too pricey for this project. Actually I left out an important information—mostly because I really wanted to know about non shellac possible spirit varnishes—The guitar has a few coats of tru oil (gives it a beautiful satin finish). It was finished that way first then my client decided he would prefer shiny. The mixture of sandarac and other resins I tried was based on the Watin spirit varnish that I tried to adapt. So really from the tests I made it seems few things stick to anything like shellac does. Here’s what it looks like now (the clear pickguard is temporary). Shiny would definitely look great on that rosewood.
  2. I am looking for a spirit varnish recipe that does not contain shellac. I am a guitar maker. I usually French polish with a shellac based varnish that also contains other resins. For this instrument, however, I can’t use shellac due to the believes of my client (please don’t make this the focus of the conversation). I tried modifying a sandarac based recipe, but the varnish was easily scraped off. I also tried sandarac turpentine and elemi (in alcohol), with the same results.
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