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  1. Hi again, everyone! Thank you guys so much for your time with this. Duane-- your speaking of Homer mirrors everything I remember hearing about him. He sounded like truly an absolutely incredible man. I was never fortunate enough to meet him, though I was fortunate enough to see (and hear!) some of his other instruments and one of his quartet paintings. One of his violins had an almost haunting quality to the deeper notes--- it was lovely. I wish I would have recorded the conversation I had with the person I purchased this from-- there is so much that I may be misunderstanding or misre
  2. Interesting, thank you! It definitely fooled a quite reputable luthier in Salt Lake City, so I wonder what happened there. How recent is 'modern' with the fake you encountered?
  3. Hi everyone! Recently, I broke a peg It fully snapped, and was lodged into the pegbox. I had to take the other pegs out to get a good, safe angle to tap it out (gently!). I am now in the process of trying to find a luthier in the Philippines that can get me set backup and running again (because the sound post fell)! However, I realized while dealing with all of this how little i know about my instrument. Here is what I know about the providence: There was a doctor in Utah, Homer Clark, who followed his dream to, in addition to his medical career, became a luthier. During some world tr