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  1. Good day. I would love a copy of the plans as well.
  2. Let me know if you come to have a change of mind, and are willing to ship to Canada. Thanks, Fred.
  3. Thanks for the sound advice. Both of your responses seem more than reasonable. I hadn’t thought about the effect of time on the probably unprotected form, nor the condition it has been kept in over the years. What makes the Titian any better for a beginner’s project, if I may ask?
  4. Good day! I wish to start building violins. In order to give me the best possible way to start, I have bought the poster of a violin I have often heard on records, and like the sound. Now, I do not wish to build a proper copy, but would like to do things properly. I got my hands on the portfolio depicting Stradivari’s violin forms. I have looked through the old topics here and have seen that the Hubberman Strad was built using the « P » form (unless I am mistaken) when comparing the poster to the portfolio document, I can see that they do not quite match. So, really, which one should I use to build my form? Thanks for your assistance!
  5. Many models here, and very reasonable prices! https://www.princessauto.com/en/searchresults?Nr=product.active%3A1&Ntt=Mirror*&Nty=1&No=0&Nrpp=50&Rdm=535&searchType=simple&type=search
  6. Title pretty much says it. I wish to buy once, and the proper tools. What should I get? More than one radius?
  7. One of the things that helped the most to keep my wood floor light and not change because of UV rays was to put 3M film on all my windows…
  8. Hi! I am gearing up to build my first instrument, and was wondering what is the prefered species of wood for corner blocks and end blocks, and what grain direction the should be in? Thanks!
  9. Hilarion ?Lavallée? Tetersburg 1839
  10. Thank you Mike. I was hoping to save at least on shipping from the UK. I have bought from the shop in the past.
  11. Hi Don. Thank you for pointing me out to this information. I would nevertheless still like to have a copy of the poster, even if folded.
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