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  1. Hi all, I’m not sure that this is allowed but I finally posted some maple and old parts things to EBay and wanted to announce it for MN folks. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?isRefine=true&sid=foxdenashland There’s some very nice old maple sets and a ton of NOS cello necks carved In Germany that should be appropriate for some nice repairs or perhaps for ribs and grafts, etc. I acquired a large lot of lumber from a shop that closed in Oakland back in the late ‘70s. From what I gather the fellow was a builder (mostly cellos) and was importing from Germany through both World Wars. There’s some lovely material here. I hope it all goes to a good home. Thanks for looking and all the best!
  2. Hi Arsalan, I just got another inquiry about this set. How about 150 plus shipping? Let me know how that sounds to you. Thanks!
  3. I was under the impression that this was just a trade fiddle I had laying around but the rather eccentric arching has me a little suspicious. (It’s very steep although it doesn’t look like it in the pictures to me for some reason). What say ye? Could it be a later maker from the region attempting a copy perhaps? Or a composite or something? If it’s original it’s a pretty lazy effort for him, and while I’m not holding out much hope I do see some vague similarities to his work around the date on the label (1785). Also the varnish is doing a weird cellophane thing on the left—??? In any case I was hoping to check on its ballpark value and provenance before putting it up for trade. Any guesses as to going price and origin would be helpful. Thanks as always! (PS Apologies for the disarranged pictures.)
  4. PS As many of you may have noticed the second set is probably Bigleaf, not European as noted in the title. It has a penciled note that it came from a Californian maker.
  5. Hi Mike, I don’t have the density of the neck block piece unfortunately. Let me know which backs you might be interested in. #3 & #4 have sold if I remember correctly. Thanks!
  6. Apologies, the picture where there’s no tape is the end of the same billet, it’s just a bit of an optical illusion. Here’s some clearer pictures—that side is obviously the more attractive one. Probably not the best set for a top but could feasibly work—more likely it’s destined to be blocks and such.
  7. Not to wake this old post when it was comfortably sleeping in the sweet hereafter, but I just finally put a small selection of pieces up on the Luthier Exchange. I’m trying to raise a little money to get my new shop off the ground so any offers are appreciated. Anything that doesn’t move here will likely go to eBay, just FYI. Thanks again for all the guidance!
  8. Almost forgot, I also have this rather unremarkable but no doubt stately chunk of maple up for grabs. It could certainly serve to make a couple rather plain neck blocks, or ideally you could never want for bridge material again in your life. (That’s how I would use it at least.) Its chief virtue has to be its age and the fact that you can dress it up with genuine “old violin shop” mythos. I actually rather like this piece, but would rather someone else put it to use.
  9. #3 - I actually might have brought this to my shop to use rather than sell but here it is no less, since I can’t keep my piles straight. A rather unremarkable but potentially quite useful billet. Well aged, fairly straight and even, medium gained. Has some checking on one end but feels workable.
  10. #2 - These? I have no idea. But they could theoretically be a thing other than book ends if placed in competent hands. The bear really went to town on this tree it seems. Can send measurements and more details if necessary.
  11. Doesn’t “dubious spruce” have a nice ring to it? #1 - This is (sadly) only half of a cello set. I’m not sure what it might be good for other than repairs but it’s quite a nice piece of wood.
  12. Make offers on anything you’d like, I’ll send more details, pictures, measurements, etc. I’m not positive but I believe #5 and #6 are a set. I’ll double check if anyone is interested.
  13. #7 - Has a chipped tooth but should still be usable for a full sized.
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