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  1. Thank you so much Blank face!
  2. I just purchased this violin from someone who said that it belonged to his grandfather. There's no label inside. I put the bridge, tailpiece and strings as those were missing. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. It was opened for a crack repair and this is when they took that picture of the label. I compared the label with others I found online, and this one is a bit different, so I was suspicious if this is a genuine Collin Mezzin violin.
  4. I would like to hear your opinion if this French violin is worth purchasing for $1k. Do you think it is authentic and if yes, is it worth the price? The seller claims that there are no issues with it.
  5. I appreciate very much all of your helpful responses so far. Below are pictures of the (Heberlein) violin in question.
  6. I'm an adult beginner/intermediate violinist and am considering purchasing a violin that will serve me for the rest of my life. Let's say my budget is around $2-3k. All I care is nice sound and proper setup for ease of play. It doesn't have to be pretty, flamed, old, French, etc. Just a good overall instrument that advanced or even professional violinists wouldn't mind playing. Anyway, today I spoke to a luthier (also a violin store owner) who told me that he can take any trade violin, open it up and with a proper set up make it sound as good as any professional level violin. I really don't know what to think of that. He offers to sell me one although he sells new professional level US made violins that cost five times more, but he claims that his overhauled trade violins are just as good. Any thoughts?
  7. A newbie question. Why would a well set up $1 - 1.5K Chinese violin be a better choice than this one?
  8. He said that the pegbox is fine but could use a bit of varnish.
  9. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it very much! The violin is missing a soundpost and all fittings are quite worn, so I decided that the only way to hear how it sounds is to have it repaired. I understand that this isn't a valuable instrument, so I took it to a local (advertises himself as an inexpensive) luthier who works out of his home for an evaluation. My main complain was that the fingerboard was very low with projection at the bridge around 21.5mm. He said that there are 5 open seams. The original fingerboard isn't ebony as some of you already mentioned. He suggested adding a shim and installing a new ebony fingerboard. From what I have read, resetting the neck is the better procedure, but not really worth it in this case and he didn't even mention this option. His quote was as follows: New shimmed ebony fingerboard: $120 Glue 5 open seams: $150 New bridge: $35 New sound post: $20 According to him, this violin was made in Germany around a century ago by a single person and is a good one which should sell for at least $1,500 if repaired. Quite unrealistic. Anyway, I was a bit suspicious at the low service fees, but given the instrument, I decided to give it a try and see what will come out if it.
  10. Hello, Recently I purchased a violin labeled "Dominicus Montagnana Sub Signo Cremonae Venetia 1714". It was listed for sale in a local classifieds website listing. The owner said that they had the violin in their family but had no use for it. They were asking for $70, so I decided to purchase the violin. I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts.