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  1. Thank you guys for all the replies and inputs! What a relief I'll loosen the strings right now. I had a neck reset last time. Basically, due to humidity and neglecting the violin for a couple of months, I didn't even notice the humidity ruined the outer layer of the violin case and the violin basically fell apart into a few pieces (the neck completely detached). Yes, it was painful. It was stupid of me to place the not-very-often-played violin close to the window which has condensation every morning. Since the repair last time, I moved the violin far from the window. Still waiting f
  2. I didn't play the violin for around 3 weeks (yes, I know, right). Today I took it out and I found it was hard to press the strings because the strings were elevated. I took a better look and I found that the end part of the fingerboard was stuck on the violin (upper bout?) and the joint (?) of the neck now has a small gap. I almost had a heart attack. And my violin was only repaired few weeks ago (basically the entire violin fell apart) Not the luthier's fault - I don't have a proper violin case and it's very humid here. Plus I didn't play for a few weeks. Before I go
  3. Haha, well in fact I do have a human baby.
  4. Why did you have to say sorry? Yup, seems like a dodgy fake label.
  5. Hmm, the label spelled "Michafl Albanus"... Thanks!