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  1. Not sure if it is due to the strings (windings similar to Obligato?), but it sounded more focused with deeper lower register than the Emmanuel Wilfer violin I've got, just not quite as powerful as the Conrad Gotz.
  2. Thanks for sharing so many pointers. Learnt alot. Maybe just to share a little more, this violin was passed from a French friend who is a rather passionate violin player and kept for some years thereafter. The "cracked" surface is evident on most part throughout the front and back. Suspect these were done to give a vintage look..
  3. Thanks, @Violadamore, pictures as requested.
  4. Dear All Apologies in advance on taking up your time and bandwidth, but this is my first post seeking help with the identification of a labelled Sebastian Kloz violin. I have changed the tailpiece, but it came with a hill version with 1 fine tuner. Please let me know if other pics would be helpful, and I will try my best to furnish them. Again, thank you for all the great read. Regards Kheong