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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for your help. It's (unfortunately ;-) what I've expected. It is a nice violin though, and maybe Michael Appleman is right and I gonna get it to sound more to my taste and use it as a "backup" violin. My current Violin is a Jan Kuljk from 1837 which I really love... thx geikler
  2. Hi Forum, what's your opinion about that violin? Could it be from Evasio Emilio Guerra, Turino 1947 as labelled? I've bought it 30 years ago for € 3.000,- and just found out that Violins of this maker are sold between € 20.000 and € 50.000 today. To be honest, I find the sound is not really satisfying, considering the price-tag, but maybe it would just need a bit adjustment. Thanks for your help! geikler