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  1. I am looking for this poster for making next viola. $30-40 and pay shipping. Also, can give a Strad poster of the Gofriller Cello. Please contact Linc at lincmichal@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. I am looking for The Strd Magazine poster of the Davidov 1712 cello. Something around $25 dollars plus shipping. Linc Michal lincmichal@yahoo.com
  3. I would like to buy a poster of the Guarneri da Gesu ' Lord Wilton'. $25 plus shipping. E mail lincmichal@yahoo.com
  4. Oh, I would also like to get the Guarneri David 1742 poster besides the viola poster. Linc Michal
  5. Is the Strad Viola poster still available. lincmichal@yahoo.com
  6. I need a the Strad poster of the Guadagnini cello. How about $25 plus postage. Linc Michal at lincmichal@yahoo.com
  7. I have a two piece european spruce top with very consistent and even grain and well seasoned for making an archtop guitar. I am asking $140 shipping included. I like this spruce very much however I make violins so it does not fit my needs. I would like to see someone work with this excellent piece of wood. Will E mail photos on request, Kind Regards, Linc Michal
  8. I have an old spruce top 10+ years Picea abies for violin. I want to sell because the grain is too narrow for my liking. It is from a split wood billet. Asking $70 price includes shipping. Can send photos via E mail. Thanks, Linc Michal
  9. I have heard that it is said to have a beautiful sound. Where as, some opinions are that the wide models of the Montagnana cellos have some problems. Difficulty playing and collapse of the belly, and high bridge etc. I have no personal knowledge as to these problems. I play the cello and have opinions of what I like in a cello. I like the Montagnana model especially the bass side. Wood buthcher, I would be glad to get your opinion. Thyanks, Linc
  10. I am still looking for a poster of the D. Montagnana 1740 cello. Want to build a mould of this beauty. Will pay $25 plus shipping or will trade a fine quality European maple violin neck block 10+ years old. Kind regards. Linc Michal
  11. I would like to buy a Strad poster of the D. Montagnana cello 1740 poster if someone has one. Thanks. Linc
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