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  1. Adventure today (don't have any pictures)... A surprise neck set!! doncha just love wrapping up a repair to find the neck is somehow lose in its mortis... Other than that we have the 3/4 set up and homer the little sister. Plays beautifully for a fractional fiddle, but still has a lot of opening up to do
  2. get the best you can afford. you only ever have one first violin!!!
  3. It really is a rather lovely violin... so far, no one has been able to comprehend the quality. Even myself! besides that, it will go to my little sister when she's big enough
  4. Hangin around after some French polishing feral bridges everywhere!!! Plus another with a misbehaving bottom bout.. former member of the Flat Bridge society.
  5. I would love a job!! However I will be in the not Texas area for quite some time being a broke college student of VA I'll be doing whatever work I can
  6. I just created a topic in the contemporary makers forum I just posted some of my few build pics and a current repair
  7. Thanks! and the short neck is basswood... not my favorite to work with, but it is for practice so it gets the job done. leather is about the greatest material (other than wood) out there I'll be sure to do just that! thank you!
  8. Top on, rib shortening results revealed, and some touchup varnish somewhere down the line, someone thought they'd polish some rosin dust into the varnish for kicks.. so she has freckles
  9. Form, blocks, c bouts to liners, rough arching to near final arching... coming soon, purfling. This has been a lovely venture so far
  10. its around 1.8 millimeters to the left of the center seam thankfully. I will have more pics with a better camera tomorrow before and after set up and some updated build pics. I'm headed to college next Sunday, so I wont be working again til Christmas sadly..
  11. Hi all! Figured I'd try and document some progress here I don't have many pictures of the violin in progress, but heres a decent repair to be finalized tomorrow. A rather nice German early 20th cent. 3/4 violin. Issued addressed were; a saddle crack, split end block replacement, rib shortening, blackwork, and full setup.
  12. Haha Amanda and I. It's definitely more of a recent development.. BBC did an article with Ray and Amanda if you're interested
  13. My second fiddle was also a Juzek from the 30s, and I loved it to death! I will say that there is a variety of tones and colors under that sticker, I have found, unlike a lot of modern factory productions (this is a whopping generalization, but hey) I hope you get back to playing!
  14. I love these guys, and have been in the market for a good five string for a while...
  15. ok that is gold right there. gold. I have a good relationship with reidl
  16. That IS a good idea.. I have visited all the shops in nashville and this is THE shop for bows. and I know the "bow person" on a personal/out-of-shop-professional way... Thanks!!
  17. Haha! thanks... so so many options
  18. I am now on the bow hunt, and I would really appreciate some tips and tricks for getting the most out my time amongst hundreds of bows, and what checkpoints to keep in mind as well. I've never done this before as I've always bought fiddler man carbon fiber... those had served me well, but I feel it is holding me slightly back, and I just graduated... Edit: I am playing quite a few bows in and out of my price range at the shop. Thanks all, Flatt
  19. Does not quite being able to sleep and getting back up at 1:00am to play as quietly as possible count?
  20. it is strange.. I never had that trouble, even switching to a viola or even a 5 string violin. it never occurred to me that it needed to be disorienting, but maybe it comes from playing multiple instruments and even different violins in my genesis...
  21. I love my 7/8s violin, But I also Love my full size... I believe that it is impossible to love just one, because, just like people, they come with so many different personalities so you can love them in so many different ways. My solution to this one has been "never limit yourself to just one violin". I also find that some days I'm more in the mood for the 7/8s than full size and vice versa. However, I'd say travel around if none of the violins at the local shop suit you, because, of course, the more broad the selection, the more likely you are to find that love of your life. As for setup and strings, most shops will have set up the violins to bring out their best traits, and likewise with the strings. So if you like a violin enough to buy it, then swapping strings will probably be more of a personal taste issue I don't think I could ever sell the violin I currently play, but I may surprise myself one day. I will most likely just add to my collection. P.S I just switched from evah greens to Warchal Ambers on my main violin and I am loving them
  22. I can only imagine! i would love to see/hear the finished product
  23. very pretty for a fractional pure eye candy
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