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    Learning, always learning, and helping out where I can.

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About Me

I began fiddling when I was 12 with an old backwoods fiddler here in middle Tennessee, but after a year and a half or so, he turned me loose in the wilds of Nashville where I eventually found myself on Gretchen Priest-May's doorstep. I took lessons with her for around 2 years before she has sent me packing, too, on a quest to find fame and fortune :lol: all in all giving me about 6 years of amateur experience. I now teach old-time fiddle, and play a gig here and there. I play (in order of proficiency): Fiddle, mandolin, piano, guitar, bass, and a little clawhammer banjo. I also love to sing.

On a more personal note:

Other interests outside of music include; Art in the charcoal and watercolor media, hunting and guns in general, historical sewing and events (particularly WWII), ballet and ballroom, Hunter/jumper, the world of books, learning new languages especially Norwegian, and Flying for CAP. 

I would rather spend every day with my horse, my Saturday nights at an Irish session, and my Sunday mornings in church, than whatever else people my age are supposed to do ;).

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