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  1. Mmm.. eye candy one of MN's many perks
  2. Will we get to hear her when she's done??
  3. I sure hope it will be cool lol(I'll need that luck), but what does one do when one goes viral
  4. also, I may have forgotten to mention that this will need to have video as well. it is to be uploaded onto the youtube and I will send the links with the scholarship application
  5. that's all very good to know! thanks. I have used audacity once upon a time (for cropping dance music), but I didn't think about that, and garage band is already on my Mac(but I couldn't figure out what it was for lol) It sounds like all I need now, is to sound halfway decent (besides of course converting my self into a tech savvy producer)
  6. My philosophy is that setting a top end price is all you need. Don't even look at the price tags, makers, or color until you have weeded them out (unless of course you aren't necessarily looking for so much of an improvement as a high-dollar/name investment). of course you would need to play hundreds against your current violin... so having names and prices would help if you don't find that convenient. Also, on an inconsequential note, when at a stale mate on sound quality and price, I personally just go with the one that looks more to my taste Happy hunting, I would love to get a part tw
  7. Howdy, I am looking for decent yet cheap software to download in order to overlay several tracks of different instruments and vocals (by me), and also since I do not have any sound system, how should I go about getting this done? I hope to include video blocks as it is for a musical scholarship, and I think they would like to actually see me on each instrument. I have no idea how to go about this at home... however I do know a few people with recording studios, I would just like to know if there is any way I can produce a great sound and image from home. Would it be worth it? I'm not
  8. It appears to have taken a trip to the guillotine... it it perchance French?
  9. Standard apparel of Flatt whilst fiddling (usually at home): The infamous camo hoodie and a sweeping black cape and top hat for effect (not sure what kind). On irregular days, or when required to play Jerusalem ridge before the proper hours (12:00am and beyond), the top hat and cape are exchanged for a pair of pants.
  10. that makes sense... that would also make swapping a tail piece in under 5 minutes tricky
  11. yes, I almost miss living in Louisiana just because of the lack of regular ice! But we never had any seasons...
  12. hmm I'd like to hear a hypothesis on that one, because my fiddle does too... thank you! she loved eating the snow for sure