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  1. Of course i want to restor it. The only vandalism for the moment is by made an other purfling and an ugly varnish, and not by me. If all is in good order you could be sure i never touch anything. I have many other old instrument and i prefer ( and for the value it s better too) all genuine. I like soul giving by the time to instruments.
  2. Thank you everyone for your comment, now i know the interior is well Mittenwald made, that s i m curious to know.
  3. "you removed the varnish to try and make a better one, oh brother!!" yes i know want you want to say ...
  4. On the purfling expanded view at the end it s diffente because i began to remove the varnish to (try) make a better one
  5. It is true on seems that they are two eras but it is indeed the same violin. As I said above there is no doubt that the varnish has been redone, we could see some scratches linked to the varnishing but it is true that the purfling has modern look. I wondered if the interior purfling could have been added later maybe by E.Dodds. I also looked in E.Dodds violins if there were any examples of similar purfling which would be his signature or one of his Scottish colleagues but I haven't found anything yet. Besides, I also wonder if this kind of mortise assembly is also used by Scottish luthiers? It does not seem to me ... But I am starting in the matter.
  6. Good morning all, I come back to you with a violin which I think was made in Mittenwald. The bottom rib is in one piece, the linings are inserted into the corner blocks (mortise). It seems to correspond from what I have read here. There are other points that I noted later, the table is made in one piece like the back (the violin has I think was very badly refinished and we see sanding marks). There is also an inscription "Rep by E.Dodds Edinbourgh 1875", but I do not see what repair was made, maybe a modification of the bassbar ?? Voila, if you can tell me what you think about it, don't hesitate if you want more pictures. The joint was badly made between ribs and bottom, it gave me the opportunity to defeat. I will have to see her again, I will practice the same thing on the table afterwards. A beginning of crack (effe) will also have to be consolidated a priori. And I'll take the opportunity to clean the varnish in the back. You may found my english is strange, it's a google translation, so excuse me span widget
  7. No matter, MN Dutzendarbeit is good for me. I like this violin. Look and sound. It s interesting to know that s the scroll could be altered and position pin added.Thank you.
  8. That s right ... A little more post now;) I came here on advice and after learning the violin could came from Markneukirchen. They are german violin expert here and i want to learn more on it
  9. So i need to find a third forum, it s not on the good way here too;)
  10. Thank you all for yours answers. If i well understand, and after reading all posts i'll found about markneukirchen Dutzendarbeit in this forum this violin was made between 1900 and ww1. It Seems to have a glued bass bar. So the table could be made with machining? That s right? But two other questions, what about the scroll which seems goes all the way for me ? I read it was not usual in Markneukirchen. And what about the inside corner block which doesn't look to just been put on the lining like in other Markneukirchen violin i saw on this forum?
  11. I read you thread, it very, very interesting. Yes the fluting of the scroll goes all the way into the throat. I took interior picture of the corner block, i hope that what you want to see? But sorry, it s not the best quality ..
  12. do not worry the strings are not tight, I will soon take the violin to do the repair.
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