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  1. Thank you for the responses. It is curious that there is not more about Lombardi if he was a real violin maker and others were copying him. I tend to go along with Martin's explanation that it is a 'designer' name - it does sound a bit 'hokey'. The violin has a dark finish with a tight, even grain to the spruce top and attractive curls on the one piece maple back. I ended up buying it and very much enjoy the sound - it is powerful, resonant, very responsive, and on the bright side.
  2. I've recently come across a violin with the following label: Julius Lombardi, Fecit a Rimini 1784, with the '84' handwritten. I've looked online for Lombardi and found very little information, but I did find a couple of German copies of his violins that have sold at auctions with similar labels to the one I saw, but with the year 1789. I'm thinking that the violin I've come across is a copy of a Julius Lombardi. Does anyone 1. know anything about this maker, who I'm assuming is from Rimini, Italy (on the Adriatic Sea)? 2. know what was distinct about his style that would motivate copying it?
  3. Follow up to my initial query: I contacted the dealer "oldbohemianviolin' (Svjatoslav Lipen) from Prague on US ebay, and asked him many questions about his business and the 1914 Prokop (Lladislav F.) that I was interested in. He patiently provided me with some very useful information about both without a hard sales pitch; it was clear that he understood what I was looking for and that he was interested in having me findi it. The instrument arrived today, quickly and solidly packed, for a two week trial; after the first afternoon with it, I am positively impressed - dark, full, good projection
  4. Does anyone have experience with the violin dealer ‘oldbohemianviolin’ on eBay (USA), who also has the website, and is based in Prague at Studio Amber? Is he/she a recognized, reputable dealer? They have a good rating on eBay, but have very few written reviews. Thanks in advance for any feedback.