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  1. I have just discovered the other discussion here about mg a few years back.
  2. Hi all, I am a violinist who is tempted to bid at the Tarisio NY for a Mario Gadda or Mario Gadda workshop violin. Can anyone kindly tell me the difference? Who made the workshop violin and how involved was MG in the process? I am tempted as MG is a renowned maker and I think it should be a relatively easy resell at hammer price if I don't like the instrument after all. Then again, it is probably wishful thinking and being naïve about the violin selling market. Thank you for your thoughts on this topic in advance! A naïve (potential) first time bidder Ps I have read Martin Swan's article on auction. Thank you for the articel Mr S. It is very helpful
  3. I didn't even know that scroll can be bought in! I have the same thought about the hand writing too.
  4. Thank you. That's my thought too. I have never seen an LM label like this except once on eBay....
  5. LOB 359. Labelled Leon Mougenot Gauche 1934. Is this genuine? Many thanks in advance!