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  1. Here is a Guarneri violin that is labelled to be of Hungarian Origin by an apprentice of Mihály Reményi (Budapest 1948). It would be great if you can give your opinions on the workmanship, provenance and quality of the instrument ? Any experience on how these instrument can possibly sound like will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance! Satanik.
  2. @PhilipKT Thank you for your comment ! Yes, I looked into the other examples of this maker in the website, mostly from big auction houses, but I do not have a discernible eye to elucidate the differences or similarities, if any. I tried to make a comparison of the scroll and the f holes of some other examples by this maker, and compiled it together. You can find it attached herewith. Also, could you please comment if the workmanship of this violin looks decent or not (I mean does it seem to be a handmade instrument rather than a factory made one??).
  3. Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. I have come across this violin which is labelled to be made by Virgilio Capellini in Cremona in 1949 with a handwritten note on the back of the inside. It would be great if you can give your views about this violin, whether the violin is italian or not, and a possible price estimate for it. Thanks a lot in Advance! Satanik.