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  1. Ah...that makes sense, and it certainly fits with the "???ICH" ending. I had found it strange that it wasn't stamped in the traditional place, but rather below the frog. thank you! Chris
  2. Hello group! I have this older bow that I'm trying to figure out the maker. I'm fairly certain that it is a generic student-grade bow and was considering having it repaired. Weight is 58g (no lapping, no grip), one part heelplate, no eyes on the frog. The mortise doesn't look routed. There is a split just beyond the mortise, and the adjuster is severely damaged. I can't make out the stamp that is under the frog. Best I can tell is: "W????? ???ICH" (unsure if two words, or one long one) The "??ICH" ending makes me think that this is a German bow. Any ideas what is imprinted by the stamp? What kind of wood is the bow made of? Thanks. Chris
  3. Hi Bill, That's really interesting. I wonder what other names he used. Would you be able to share any photos of your Sirrell violin? Is there indication of when yours was made? Thanks. Chris (in Canada...a long way from the UK)
  4. Thank you, all! I really appreciate the input and information. The research has been fun, and I am waiting for my local library to bring in a copy of Plowright. I am always amazed at how robust the interlibrary loan network is. The treble f-hole does have some repaired damage, and the back varnish has some ugly areas. The back plate has a wonderful pattern. I'll keep reading and learning. Thanks again. Chris
  5. Below was the excerpt from Strings magazine (1988) with the result from Phillips auction.
  6. Hello from Canada! I had picked up this lovely full sized instrument, locally, about a year ago. A local luthier got it set up for me, and I am really enjoying playing it. It's proportioned well, is fairly light, is quite 'easy' to handle and sounds excellent (to my ear....). From what the seller told me, it found its way to Western Canada at some point in the 1940-50's. I’m not that familiar with the various styles/influences of UK makers, and would be interested in hearing thoughts about this particular instrument. The Interior has a label (and pencil-marking-on-wood just south of the sound post) stating: S.H. Sirrell . Maker Stratford on Avon Anno 1921. L.G.B.P. (What does L.G.B.P. mean?) Having some spare time, during quarantine, I tried to find some information on this particular individual. So far, I have been able to piece together: Stephen Henry Sirrell 1877 – 1953 Born in Felton, Herefordshire Died in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire Of interest, I found out that he advertised in STRAD magazine in 1909 and 1910. He had a shop at 9 Scholar’s Lane, Stratford-on-Avon (Shakespear’s Town). He indicated that he would do ‘Repairs of every description carefully executed at Moderate Terms’. I haven’t found many auction results, nor references in any of the maker archives. The only few I was able to locate were from: · 1988 Strings Magazine auction result ($675) · 2008 Campbell’s auction for a 1938 instrument ($360) I know my instrument wasn't made by a known maker, but I would like to know more about him, given he had a shop in Stratford-upon-Avon and was active as a maker from at least 1921 to 1938. I know it isn't in perfect condition, but it is solid and does play nicely. What are individual's thoughts on this instrument (images below) or the maker? Are there other references I should be checking? Thanks. Chris
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