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  1. This what you are looking for Bob? Appreciate it
  2. It is disappointing because it is not what it was portrayed to be and it does seem that generally French violins seem to be more expensive than their German counterparts. It plays decently. Nothing out of this world but nice tone.
  3. That’s too bad. It was sold to me as French by a seller based in Toulouse, France. Relatively inexpensive so not really a loss in that respect but frustrating.
  4. Mirecourt workshop? Elsewhere? Any sense of time frame?
  5. Could I trouble you all for some help on an ID and relative time frame for this violin? Label reads “copie de Jean Baptiste Vuillaume a Paris, Rue Croix des Petits Champs” but I don’t see any other obvious identifiers. Thanks for your time
  6. Haha thanks Jacob. Appreciate your taking a look. I don’t think they are saw marks, they look and feel like something thin but synthetic. Anyway seems like there’s no consensus which is fine. Was just curious. Appreciate everyone taking a look. happy holidays Dan
  7. Haha, it’s a cheap tinkering project for learning. No masterpiece anticipated here
  8. Yup that’s what it look like to me too. Was just wondering if that’s a typical thing. Sounds like no
  9. No I mean the lines that run diagonally across the inner part of the rib. The third image from the top shows it the best. I use the term striation in the medical context I guess as that is my profession.
  10. Any idea what these striations are on the inside of the ribs? Kind of odd as it looks almost synthetic but the ribs appear to be real wood on other parts with normal grain patterns inside and out. Is it some kind of lining? Are they just fake/ply? Mostly curious. Included a few photos of the outside just for reference Thanks and happy holidays Dan
  11. Ok good to hear. I can cover essentially 3 cracks at once with cleats similar in size to those already on there so I’ll do that and just orient them horizontally. Thank you!
  12. Question for the experts. The violin I’m attempting to fix has several cracks along the top that essentially connect to one another almost in a web-like fashion. Attempting to show in photo below. I’ll obviously glue each individually but my question is regarding the cleats. Would you try and cleat each crack individually (tight space) or would you run some longer cleats horizontally along the surface covering several cracks at once? I was thinking of fashioning “parallelogram” cleats similar to the ones already on the instrument but laying them horizontal rather than vertical. The wood generally feels quite fragile in that area so feel like additional support is needed. thanks as always Dan
  13. Wow, great thread. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
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