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  1. You can't tell much from youtube. But I mean there are Carbon Fiber groups..
  2. Long story short; my daughter picked up another violin; one to leave at school; she was using my old Fiddlerman CF bow ($69) and so I bought her another one; but I bought her the Hybrid CF/Wood one ($119) The Hybrid is much better sounding; a lot more open and warmer; compared to the CF. It felt much lighter in the hand but actually was about the same weight. My personal bow is the CodaBow GX and I think the GX sound better (but $$$$$) but I find the Hybrid to be the easiest to play of the three by far. Excellent bows for the price! CF 60 grams Hybrid 61 gra
  3. My old violin teacher was very "anti-CF" until she said one day the concert master walked in with one... and it sounded amazing to everybody; and so all of a sudden; not only was it acceptable; but she was even thinking of purchasing one. I think if visually it bothers you; then I can understand that; but to brush off CF because it's a different material is like when Glock came out with a polymer gun; and everything laughed; now every manufacturer tries to copy them. $100 CF bows kick the snot out of $100 wooden bows... and I purchased a Fiddlerman $69 CF bow as a backup; which now my
  4. So... the violin teacher said that most "Chamber Music" groups of her current students will NOT allow a CF violin... I have no idea why the CF-ism bias; but she did give some advice on how much I should spend (she thinks a $2K violin that she's tried will last until the end of their high school years, and then beyond that; see if they still want to learn and play or not). From some of y'all anti-CF'ers; if "sound" is all that should matter (and as musicians; that is a GREAT ARGUMENT, of which I can stand behind) Then a BLIND sound test is the only criteria that matters. But the w
  5. Yes; and I would probably borrow a $1K, $3K, $5K violin from the local store to add to the blind test as well! (If I can) I would love throw the teacher's $80K violin in the mix...
  6. Carbon Fiber is just a interwoven sheet of carbon fiber encased in a epoxy like resin. That's a liquid; and as I see when I had old cheap wooden bows "sag" on one side because it's been sitting in the case lying down one way quite a bit; epoxy is a liquid; and so it will change over time as well. Micro-dents occur at nodal intervals depending on the sounds you are playing; and epoxy in extreme conditions will start to crack. So physically the violin itself changes; and so to say those changes don't effect sound is ridiculous. That said; is my hearing what it use to be? Nope. And can I gu
  7. Is my playing any good.. that's a hard NO. But my ear is excellent. Her violin teacher's violin is $80K; and she is one of those that has a few dozen trophy's on her shelf; and she wasn't/isn't a fan of CF violins but mine changed her mind so much she's probably going to buy one. So I would like to get a few sent to me at the same time and audition them.. And I would like to do a double-blind; having her play all of them; and us blindfolded so we aren't biased; and pick #1,#2, #3 etc.. based purely on sound quality. And then visa versa. On another thread; someone tried to a
  8. I don't mind snarky... I hear a LOT about the Glasser CF and so it's very unlikely to make it as a pick. That being said; every single violin in my daughter's orchestra is a "local rental" and looks like a chew toy; and sounds like one as well. She's the only one that "owns" her own violin and from what I can tell; I'm the only parent that plays a violin. After I posted this; I got curious; and including a more robust case; her entire current package is $581.38 (Before tax). The other problem I see with a "beater" concept is; if the sound of the beater vs the nice one is drastic
  9. I bought her a $200 outfit from amazon (3/4).. and... the strings are crap and it came with 2 bows; both are crap. So I had; the bridge replaced, the sound post adjusted so it was in the correct position, replaced the tail piece, and replaced the chin rest. And she's using a CF bow right now. So her $200 outfit is now closer to $450. But she says her violin is WAY louder and much better sounding than the rest of her classmates. Her teacher likes my Luis and Clark a lot; so much so she's probably going to buy one for performance. Here in Houston; the summers are 98% humidity; an
  10. My daughter currently is playing on a 3/4 but coming up to an upgrade to a 4/4. I currently own and play a Luis and Clark violin. I would like to purchase a CF violin for her; for one it's near indestructible; and weather resistant. But here are my struggles: 1) From all accounts; the most affordable is the Glasser; but most say it's heavy and not great sounding. But it's $525. 2) MezzoForte violins look ugly to me. I should care only about how it sounds; but I can't get past the look of it.. 2b) MF has 3 lines; the Evo is about $1K, Design is about 2K, and the P
  11. I own a Luis and Clark violin; love the thing! And I really don't care what people who don't actually own the instrument say; it sounds a lot better a lot sweeter and warmer than when I first bought it. My daughter has started up violin, and she's on a 3/4 size right now; we are in Houston; and so having a CF violin is a Godsend. When she gets to playing a 4/4; I'd like to buy her a Carbon Fiber also. The Glasser CF isn't very impressive to me Luis and Clark is expensive for a student.. So I thought perhaps a Mezzo Forte? I am HOPING someone has owned or current
  12. So I did what y'all suggested and I took the violin into the Luthier and had them reshape the nut; and give me a new bridge; and also move the sound post to the proper place and it sounds 10x better! They all looked at me like I was crazy for taking a fairly cheap violin in for CLA but night and day difference! Thank you Luthiers!
  13. I agree! So I'm gonna throw a bit more money to at least get the violin completely proper.. I wouldn't want to play on that instrument long; why would my already frustrated daughter?
  14. Yes! I am going to find a luthier around me and have him redo the bridge and nut; and double check my sound post location... The bridge is "warpy" (I think it's a word..) And like I said; the action on it due to the nut is driving me crazy and I don't want my child to NOT want to learn violin or as said in the other post; to think they suck all the while it was the instrument.. I play a violin and I wouldn't want to play for any extended time on that violin; so why would my kid?