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  1. I own a Luis and Clark violin; love the thing! And I really don't care what people who don't actually own the instrument say; it sounds a lot better a lot sweeter and warmer than when I first bought it. My daughter has started up violin, and she's on a 3/4 size right now; we are in Houston; and so having a CF violin is a Godsend. When she gets to playing a 4/4; I'd like to buy her a Carbon Fiber also. The Glasser CF isn't very impressive to me Luis and Clark is expensive for a student.. So I thought perhaps a Mezzo Forte? I am HOPING someone has owned or currently owns both and can give me a hands on review. Doing some search; someone didn't like their Mezzo Forte instrument; and recommended a L&C instead; but that was a cello player speaking about the cello. Not to dismiss it; but that it's not the violin. Any personal experiences would be appreciated. Thx.
  2. So I did what y'all suggested and I took the violin into the Luthier and had them reshape the nut; and give me a new bridge; and also move the sound post to the proper place and it sounds 10x better! They all looked at me like I was crazy for taking a fairly cheap violin in for CLA but night and day difference! Thank you Luthiers!
  3. I agree! So I'm gonna throw a bit more money to at least get the violin completely proper.. I wouldn't want to play on that instrument long; why would my already frustrated daughter?
  4. Yes! I am going to find a luthier around me and have him redo the bridge and nut; and double check my sound post location... The bridge is "warpy" (I think it's a word..) And like I said; the action on it due to the nut is driving me crazy and I don't want my child to NOT want to learn violin or as said in the other post; to think they suck all the while it was the instrument.. I play a violin and I wouldn't want to play for any extended time on that violin; so why would my kid?
  5. The strings are hard to press compared to my $5000 violin; I know I know... that goes without saying. I think the nut is riding a bit high; let me take that back; I KNOW the nut is riding a bit high; and slightly uneven from feel; but I am unsure which part is uneven; just that my fingers are not happy playing some of the notes. Labor is cheap; skilled labor is expensive; and so while I filed and replace my own nut and bridge on my guitar; I don't really see me doing that on this violin since I don't know much about the measurements of the nut, and I'm sure I don't have equipment to do so.. Let's say I go to a Luthier; ballpark it for me guys; how much to have a nut and bridge set for me by a Luthier? Am I looking at more than the cost of the violin?
  6. So I watched a few youtube videos; and looked through about 50 images.. and armed with an emory board stolen from my wife's nail clipping kit; and some painter's masking tape.. I proceeded to file the nut down until I can no longer feel it. While I had the emory board; I went ahead and filed off what I can only assume to be left over unwiped glue between the fingerboard and the neck. The neck usually remains unpainted; but there is some left over staining on it; so I buffed that out as well... and so I applaud what you guys do; it's not easy! I wish I had better equipment; probably would have taken me a much shorter time... but now at least everything feels smooth... The nut is not carved evenly; and the bridge string locations is visually slightly off to me.. oh well, I guess when you pay $200 for a case, 2 bows, a violin, 2 bridges, 2 sets of strings, and a tumer... You expect some quality compromises..
  7. So I purchased a Mendini MV 500 for my daughter; she starts violin lessons this friday. the nut is a little too big on both sides; I want to sand it down; what's the easiest way? Should I remove it and then sand it down? or sand it down on the violin itself? it is rough and scratchy; and basically annoys me to death.. Any and all suggestions welcome as I'm not a Luthier.. But I am also not going to take it to a Luthier because the work will cost more than the violin. Thank you!
  8. Sorry for the ignorance.. Just bought my daughter a violin; just shy of a 4/4 so she's on a 3/4... and the strings it came with sound like stolen bicycle spokes.. So I'm about to buy some strings; and so was wondering; can I put 4/4 strings on 3/4 or is that a bad idea just because of how much wind-length I'd get and maybe I'll end up having to double up on a peg itself? Thanks!
  9. I saw someone "hang" a violin between two speakers and play music "at the violin" for a week... I'm assume sound waves are sound waves; and it somewhat accomplishes the same thing; but an actuator probably has a much better effect if the working theory is that there is an effect..
  10. So with Stupid COVID (not even gonna touch the subject) I yanked my daughter out of their "local" virtual school; and signed her up for another "virtual" online school.. Her local school had orchestra (she's going into 5ht grade) but now it's 100% virtual orchestra; which seems stupid to me. But yesterday; we found a violin teacher we liked; and so we will probably start her up on lessons.. I play a violin as well (if you can call it that) and I have a fairly decent violin; but now comes the debate of picking a violin for my daughter. Amazon $199 violin; she's just at the brink of being able to use a 4/.4 (her arms grew almost 2.5" in less than year!) January I measured her and she was definitely a 1/2 size; but measured her yesterday and right between a 3/4 and a 4/4; obviously I'd prefer if she can stretch a little; to buy a 4/4, 10000x the choices. So two parts: 1) Do I spend $199 and get her a student violin.. of which probably won't sound great; she might not be annoyed; but I might be? 2) Spend like $1K for a violin she might not continue to play; but at least won't sound like nails on chalkboard to me.. (secret option #3) Buy the $199 and hook it up to an actuator!!
  11. So I would like try this; but my wife won't let me.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKIye4RZ-5k In the video; this guy; obviously a audiophile; is making speakers out of acoustic foam and an contact sound actuator. I "play" (I use the term loosely) a violin; but my question has always been; there are theories that a violin sounds better after long term playing; partly due to the certain frequencies making waves in the violin itself; creating tiny little indentations; as well as drying out younger wetter wood. Of course; the meta-physics theory that a violin remembers a little bit of the music that was played on it; might actually be true if you think of it in terms of waves denting specific parts of a violin. SOOOO... What I would "like" to do is buy a cheap violin; play it; analyze it for sound quality etc.. and then buy an actuator; play something like 10,000 hours worth of music through the violin via the actuator; and see if 10,000 hours of "playing music" 1) Does nothing 2) Has a slight subtle improvement 3) Has drastic improvements. I don't have a place that I can play music through a violin for say 6 months straight without my wife killing me; and I don't have an extra violin. But I am hoping that someone out there is willing to spare a violin and buy an actuator and do this experiment! Thanks for listening to my ramblings..