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  1. Thank you so much! Kind of what I figured. I will just go ahead then and practice on this without any worries!
  2. Hello! A few years ago I ended up with an antique(?) violin bow that someone threw in with an old violin I had purchased. The violin was a strad copy from Germany made about the time of WWII. The seller claimed to be somewhat of a luthier, but as I have learned more I am not so sure of how good of one, as I found out later that the violin was set up very wrong. Anyway... the bow had old thinning hair, though it still sounded fairly good. I put it away though, because it was in need of repairs. I pulled it out as I am considering learning to rehair a bow and wanted to practice on a junk one. So... I decided to make sure that the bow was for sure junk before I, perhaps, ruined it! But, I am having a hard time finding a final sign that this is a fake. So much mixed information online. The frog is very plain, no pearl eye. It does have a mother-of-pearl slide. The frog makes me lean towards fake as I cannot find another Bausch with a frog like this (unless it is not the original frog). The adjuster screw is from a different bow I had. BAUSCH in capital letters is stamped above the frog, but no L. before the name. Though, I have seen several of these being sold, still claiming they are genuine?? Some say that as long as it is in caps it is real. But, when I read about Bausch, they only mention the stamps with the preceding "L." and or with the following "Leipzig". Also, the grip is all leather... no metal winding. I am not well versed enough to know how to tell what kind of wood this is either. I was hoping someone could help. I live hours away from a violin shop/luthier (which is why I want to learn how to rehair my own bows ) and was hoping I could determine whether this would be worth saving and having repaired and rehaired by a professional, or if it it is a good junk bow to practice on. Thank you! Any insight would be much appreciated!
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