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  1. Thanks, matesic - I realised the error in my description. I did understand the difference, I just didn't phrase it correctly, apologies! As for the polish - definitely my mistake! What was left underneath was lighter coloured wood, however, glossier than before; which makes me wonder if I removed a ton of crud, or if I did, in fact, remove some of the old varnish. Either way - crud or varnish; it's perfectly in-tact everywhere else on the instrument haha!
  2. Thanks for the input, everyone! Doug - that's what my untrained eye suspected, hence I took a photo of the heel of the neck. To me, there's a very clear line around this, which looks as though the neck may have been added on afterwards. Might this indicate the instrument is older still, and the neck was replaced to modern spec at some point? Regarding the crack - it seems to be pretty solidly filled in. There's no evidence of any play or give anywhere on the instrument, at all. I also always wondered if the violin was 'deeper' in its belly on the back than other instruments? It seems to h
  3. Thank you, both - super helpful and interesting! A few others that have seen it have, so far, seemed to agree on it being German.
  4. Thanks so much, Doug and Jacob! That's cool to hear. I've always wondered about the neck. I have little knowledge about violinmaking, but I can't see a join at the pegbox (unless I'm just missing it), and was curious as to whether the whole neck/scroll assembly might have been a later addition to the instrument? Is this possible? That said, on the right side of the neck, just beneath the nut, there appears to be an impression that looks like a small iron nail, but this doesn't show through on the other side...
  5. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if someone out there might be able to kindly help me shed some light on the age or potential age and value of this violin. I honestly have hardly any reliable information on it, and if it once had a label, it has long since fallen out, and been lost. I've had this violin for over 13 years, and I love it very much. It's extremely lightweight, hugely resonant, with a deep, characterful tone on the lower strings, and wonderful projection and singing highs on the higher strings. Here's what I do know. I bought this from a lady (here in th