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  1. Yes. I felt he was very honest and a nice guy.
  2. Obviously, I paid quite a bit over budget...but well worth every penny
  3. Thank you all so very much for your valued input. i took your advice and spoke to a well established dealer who has over 30years experience purely in French violins. Bought a beautiful Laberte Mirecourt violin & vintage bow. As you all said, this was definitely the way to go. A dealer with an international client base has a lot to lose.... I’m pleased & my daughter is very pleased. Once again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It’s been an instructive & valuable experience. Syncopated
  4. Shelbow She is Grade 6 now and has worked her way up from 1/2 size... Live in Godalming Thanks
  5. ....very confusing and difficult to tell what is good and what is not.... this is an amazing forum
  6. Dear All This looks better...being offered at £1150 I would value your opinions once more. Many thanks Sync
  7. PhilipKT, DwightBrown, Deans, FiddleDoug, Stringcheese & Bill Merkel thank you so much for your input. The lady said it was her great great grandfather’s... Again, many thanks Sync
  8. Dear All I have been offered a violin of French provenance but with no label. Could any maestros help with an indication of value? Many thanks Jes
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