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  1. Dear all, I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book on the history of the violin, Nineteenth-Century Musical Autographs: the Niçois Album of the Count of Cessole (Nice: Acadèmia Nissarda, 2020). The subject of my book is a musical autograph album that belonged to one of the most important collectors of Cremonese violins in the nineteenth century: Eugène de Cessole (1805-1876). It will undoubtedly interest musicians, scholars, museums and collectors; particularly those specialising in the history of the violin and nineteenth-century music in general. This album, preciously preserved by the Cessole family, contains the autographs of the most illustrious composers of the time, including Berlioz, Czerny, Donizetti, Glinka, Gounod, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mercadante, Meyerbeer, Offenbach, Rossini and Verdi. Because of the Count’s prestigious violin collection, his album also contains the autographs of countless virtuoso violinists such as Paganini, Alard, Artôt, Bazzini, Becker, Bériot, Bull, Ernst, Lafont, Léonard, Sivori, Spohr and Vieuxtemps. The originality of this album is that it is not a simple « guest book » of signatures ; each artist adds a small musical autograph, whether it be a musical enigma of a few measures or an entire piece over several pages. This deluxe bilingual edition (French-English) presents for the first time these works, many of which are unpublished and which would make superb encore pieces for violinists. The album pages are accompanied by rich illustrations and historical notes to bring to life the musical salon of the Cessole family.Kind regards, Robert AdelsonProfesseur d'histoire de la musique et d'organologie Conservatoire de NiceMembre de l'Université Côte d'Azur127, avenue de Brancolar06100 NiceFrancetél: (+33) (0)6 47 32 66 98robert.adelson@ville-nice.frrobertadelson@gmail.comhttps://robertadelson.wordpress.com/
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