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  1. Also, now that the hair is completely dry, it’s still kind of sticky but the hair still doesn’t stick together in a “solid mass”. And when i put rosin on it, it kind of appears in patches. The sound is fine i guess. But i dont know, it wont damage the strings will it?
  2. What about swiping with alcohol swabs? Does that not work as well as immersing in a dish of alcohol? Cant really get alcohol in a bottle where i live.
  3. Someone touched my bow hair with a VERY oily hand (she was eating fries with that hand) and ive never cleaned my bow hair before so i looked up how to do it. And i got alcohol swabs but i was kinda skeptical so i didnt clean the whole bow, only the part that had an oil stain on it. I used two alcohol swabs and a dry cloth to wipe away the alcohol immediately afterwards. The area i cleaned was like the length of a finger, starting from the frog. Now my bow hair’s kind of sticky what do i do i want to cry. It’s not too sticky, like the hairs dont stick together but it’s a little sticky to the touch. It’s also kinda of shiny at some places and i don’t remember, is it supposed to be shiny without rosin?
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