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  1. the Seiferts I have seen were a much lighter orange finish
  2. Vitali dealt in cheaper German made imports, some of their bows are half decent
  3. That scroll is nowhere near as good as a EH Roth, anyway I'm contacting Wilhelm Roth later today, we'll settle this once and for all
  4. I carve my bridges somewhat similar to that J and A Beare example. I leave the center of the bridge just as thick as the feet rather than tapered thinner, this helps to counter warping when you are carving out the kidneys and the lower arch
  5. plus EH Roth used other names like Oscar and Eugene Meinel but the labels looked the same as Roth labels and they always said Markneukirchen, they would never have claimed to be made in Mittenwald although I wouldn't put that past Scherl and Roth
  6. Maybe you should contact Wilhelm Roth before making outrageous claims
  7. violinbridges.co.uk if you click on Archive you can see only one bridge from each of about 20 top shops, the rest of the bridges from each shop are not loading, maybe you need to be in the UK
  8. look at the bridges of the top shops throughout history https://violinbridges.co.uk/ I'm afraid in USA the website archive is not working properly and only shows one bridge example/shop It seems about half the shops carve the kidneys extensively, the rest leave the kidneys but compensate my making the bottom arch more pronounced, almost none have the thickness of wood at that point shown on the Despiau blank in the OP
  9. Maybe you guys need to look at bridges carved by top shops on https://violinbridges.co.uk/
  10. People that don't carve their bridges generally do it to save time, not improve quality, or simply do it because they don't know any better
  11. Well Yes maybe but he's claiming EH Roth not Scherl and Roth which was a much lower quality violin company. Scherl and Roth is not maker but an importer located in the USA of Markneukirchen dutzenarbeit
  12. Roth never used the Hornstainer brand, that is a myth perpetrated by people trying to sell Hornstainers IMHO
  13. I scoop away almost 2mm at that point, and scoop the bottom arch up also but more so in the middle
  14. Has the crack failed, if not you would be better to leave it.
  15. A dangerous solvent like Zylene might get rid of it, but leave it to a professional
  16. the unfortunate element in high end restorations, is that restorers set themselves a goal of making all crack repairs disappear and not be visible to the customer, however this is almost impossible to do without putting a fresh coat of French Polish over the crack touch up so that you can't see any difference between the touch up varnish and the original varnish, their solution having no original varnish at the surface, only glossy French Polish. There has to be a better solution, perhaps one that allows prospective customers to be aware where cracks have been repaired IMHO but the original varnish left for all to see, with nothing on top
  17. French polishing is greatly frowned upon by the more serious restorers today, it was an abuse of the past and ruined many a Strad. Rubbing a little oil on and then cleaning off all the excess could not possibly damage an oil varnish, dried oil varnish is not soluble in oil, alcohol yes. the downside to treating scratches with oil is it stains the exposed wood with oil, which is not such a good idea if you are dealing with larger exposed wood portions, but there are larger crimes, like French polishing over oil varnish
  18. The whiteness of any scratch and the lightness of the wood underneath will be less visible with a touch of oil on most violin varnishes, not just Collin Mezin
  19. Makes you wonder if these Perfection type pegs will be a similar nightmare in 50 Years
  20. Looks like the neck is pulling loose from the block, just regluing the button is not going to help
  21. I was thinking Meinel was an established German company but its just a trade name mostly used by the EH Roth factory in the earlier 20th century, and none of them were just stamped Meinel, but were stamped Oscar or Eugen Meinel etc
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