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  1. You might experiment with a plain gut A, it was good enough for Heifetz
  2. The corners of the ribs are close to the edge like BOB, you don't see that much on Chinese violins, but the wood on the silver mount bow certainly resembles Chinese fake pernambuco.
  3. That's about what I was thinking, but I think tops and backs could be the same person.
  4. Well you basically told the OP to ignore my comments about the age, I thought you had some idea of your own
  5. So if you have any brighter ideas about when the violin was made, please let us know
  6. I would guess a minimum of 6 people involved in making a Dutzenarbeit, not to mention the dealer and marketing team.
  7. If you tap around a violin top, you'll get different notes almost everywhere you tap
  8. The magnets add mass and lowers the resonant frequency in that area, removing the magnets and thinning the plates in that area also lowers the resonant frequency in that area, so its not completely bonkers IMHO
  9. I would consider it rude to say it looks like 1900 when it looks like a considerably later style of varnish. More likely the period between WWI and WWII, or possibly even after WWII
  10. What part of show the heads of the bows do you not understand? The head is the other end of the bow from what you're picturing, if you didn't know.
  11. I dunno, see if it dissolves in turpentine
  12. It appears to be some sort of folk instrument maker, you can do a search for his name, that's probably his signature
  13. Only ebay could possibly know how high your max bid is, I don't think there's a way for regular bidders to hack into something like that, and then what would there motivation be for wanting to lose the bid and make you pay your max bid? unless of course it was the seller, but I think the evidence points to ebay trying to maximize their profits
  14. I don't want to scare violadamore but I've had this exact same thing happen on ebay, I put in a high max bid, it stays low right till the last second till an anon bidder comes in and bids just a couple dollars below my maximum, as if they knew full well what my max bid was, and were making sure not to bid higher than it. That's one of the reasons I stay out of ebay auctions.
  15. You're right, go ahead and bid higher and higher to get your goodwill violin, you will be doing good and you will be paying top dollar!
  16. He said he's using a hand plane, his post is delayed for moderator approval
  17. I've seen this relisting happen multiple times with Goodwill auctions from this particular source, and as one poster pointed out, he recognises the same people fighting over the highest bidding, Its a common occurrence in small time unregulated auctions, ebay went to great lengths to make shill bidding easier to get away with by hiding all the identities of bidders, seems like Goodwill has shill bidding on steroids IMHO
  18. Buyers remorse is one cancellation out of ten, this is multiple cancellations over and over again, goodwill employess are pretty sure to be involved, Goodwill is a very shady company in many respects IMHO
  19. I was speaking of the quality put into their construction, the idea that half of his production were duds, is no more likely than the chances half of David Burgesses or David Sora's instruments are duds
  20. All of his instruments were equally well made when new, any supposed inadequacies in his instruments today is more likely to be a factor of condition rather than the fault of the master.
  21. Stradivari had a good varnish, and good varnish is good for the tone, but he was also an incredibly good maker, other Italian makers used the same or similar varnish and they are not considered as good, and some German makers had very good varnish, so varnish is just one part of the puzzle If there was a secret to Stradivari, it was getting almost everything right, not just one thing like the varnish or the ground..
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