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  1. You should only consider it if you are absolutely sure the cracks have been glued, in which case it will not effect the sound but they might open up again which would effect the sound, try tapping on the violin around the cracks to see if it sounds solid or if there's a buzzing kind of distorted sound, that indicates open cracks, they look like they may be glued but you don't know how solidly the repairman glued them, which will factor into their likelihood to fail
  2. These JTLs are good sounding violins, better for sound than looks, what Geoff says is right, if the cracks are glued and the soundpost crack patched on the inside it may be ok for $200, with no cracks, professionally set up a violin like this would go for about $1000 up to twice that at some high end shops, so they are decent violins, just poor condition on this one
  3. Its obviously a real graft as there is no flame in the pegbox like there is in the neck, the same appears to be true for the other violin as well
  4. The label is dated 1891, which I had missed until the dealer saw it, is $6000 way to cheap for wholesale sale needing work etc?? that's what I got
  5. Evidently mine had a date of 1891 that I had missed on the label, anyway I sold it today to a top dealer for a wholesale price of $6000, I'm pretty sure I could have got more but he is a good friend and it was easy to arrange I'm sure he will do a more thorough restoration so that cost has to figure into it.
  6. my camera broke just as I was about to take a picture of the signature, my dad's trying to find out how to fix it, he gave it to me
  7. I bought this violin for a pittance promising the seller a substantial sum if I can sell it for half of what its probably worth, it came with a recital brochure of the grandfather presumably playing this in 1916, certainly the label is the type used at or before 1916 the address is Possionaire??? 10 the son's label say grand exposition Paris or something after 1923 when Pere died, its in good condition no cracks, a glued centre seam under the tailpice, a lot of what looks like natural wear, may have originally not been antiqued, fingerboard had a lot of wear, the pegs were hopelessly oval and new ebony pegs were fit, though someone may wish to spiral bush the pegholes and fit smaller diametre pegs, it has a really great sound, loud, even except the G string is a little louder, the fingerboard not the neck is set a little crooked as the the part hanging out over the violin body has less wood on the bass side, I fit an off center bridge to centre the strings and bridge, however someone may wish to fit a new fingerboard and correct the discrepancy, one of the most valuable violins to come into my shop Marting Swan and blank face, in the light of lesser and greater Collin Mezins being made at the same time do you think this is lesser model or top model or middle, thank you very much Oh and it does have the signature on the wood of the back on the right side
  8. funny how all these people that claim modern makers are the best ever, all pick antiques as the best they've ever heard
  9. Sorry I don't remember, I read about it on this forum a long time ago and ordered the correct wavelength, I know what people call black lights are completely wrong, it has to be limited to a correct spectrum of frequencies. I have a 10" fluorescent battery camping light with a transformer to plug it in, I think a google search would tell you what you are looking for, the company I bought the fluorescent tubes from knew what kind however I've forgotten who they were as well. You'' probably have an easier time finding a fluorescent bulb rather than a regular type bulb
  10. Sounds like you have a very poor UV light, oil varnishes always have a signature under my correct wavelength fluorescent UV light, regular black lights like it seems you have are useless
  11. I would have thought that is Brazilwood
  12. yes a pegbox graft and cheek implants, not a volute graft
  13. Its not a grafted volute but added cheekpieces, as mentioned in the OP
  14. Zylene or Zylol will strip some touch up varnishes but usually not have any effect on original varnish
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