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  1. Maybe you're listening on crappy computer speakers, I'm listening through a tube amp and audiophile speakers and it sounds incredible!
  2. Liking a violin is just a sign of inbuilt personal prejudices LOL
  3. It should be noted Biondi is playing with a baroque bow, but apparently modern strings. Looks like Dominants.
  4. I think the troll is the person that's claiming the Tuscan sounds like cardboard and his violins are better. Perhaps Don could post a youtube link to one of his violins and lets are viewers decide for themselves.
  5. And all these experts are appraising based on your pictures, ridiculous.
  6. Of course Don Noon would tell us that his violins sound better than the Tuscan Strad.
  7. The crack is showing through the touch up varnish, that's pretty obvious to me.
  8. Isn't Stewart Pollens the guy that said the Messiah was a Vuillaume? Not sure but it was someone that worked for the Smithsonian, I believe. It seems if you're going to look at baroque violins you would look at virtually unaltered originals of which there are no Strad examples, basing a whole history of baroque violins on Strad only seems ridiculous.
  9. Looks like a crack in the back to me, that's been sanded down and crudely over varnished
  10. Varnished strings are really only recommended for people that sweat a lot, I don't think they do anything positive to the tone, or make them wear better.
  11. That's an expensive repair
  12. The button looks to be pulling loose
  13. You would think you would at least get an ebony fingerboard for that price?