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  1. Bass Clef, you're turning into some kind of troll
  2. Well the date would have made that pretty obvious, no? That it was pre Fagnola if it were genuine
  3. Another thread said the Strad label JTL's were their top model worth thousands, what gives?
  4. I wouldn't believe their marketing hype, its still a factory violin made by factory workers, albeit a better grade of factory violin than their cheaper models.
  5. International Violins larger size opening knife is a quite a bit too big for regular opening but works great for top blocks only, the blade is about 8" long, by 1" and thicker than a regular opening knife so it won't flex when you are trying to push it through the top block, I get it into position and tap it with my block plane in lew of an actual hammer, it should do the trick on most jobs, not sure about in your case though but it would be worth a try.
  6. I think Martin knows the difference between a Strad and a Guarneri model. The f holes certainly look more like Guarneri than Strad to me.
  7. Pricing is based on what it is now, not how it was marketed over a hundred years ago.
  8. Modern antique value is not based on what things sold for when new
  9. JTL came in many price points, this would only be true of the more expensive models.
  10. Then you are not familiar with JTL instruments, even a mint condition Medio-Fino is not worth close to $4000
  11. Yes, for a cheaper model JTL, but not so much for the higher level JTL models.
  12. OP said he paid half as much as $9500 for the Roth
  13. I don't see any point in replacing the bass bar, that was how they were made, with the top thick enough to provide the support of a conventional bassbar, by the time you replace a bass bar you'll be wanting to regraduate and add corner blocks, real purfling comes next, no point in trying to make it anything it is not and was not.
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