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  1. That's not Pernambuco, probably some kind of Chinese wood, its recognized by the lack of visible grain or flame A pernambuco blank costs about $100 obviously a cheap bow couldn't afford real Pernambuco
  2. you guys need to get off your cell phones and look on a real computer, then its obviously a modern neck
  3. without pictures we can't tell you if it is a handbuilt American violin, or just a Euro import possibly finished in America
  4. A 4th grader would presumably be playing a student size cello, this really effects the value
  5. heres a good one, there was a Hill bridge for 500 but this is even worse https://www.ebay.com/itm/285545901885?hash=item427bdcaf3d%3Ag%3A1goAAOSwvullR86G&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwGG1hHscLQdOluE%2FXn40MEwb5ocH0d4voCJ%2FI6L%2FSOHx2qZchoO31hJQfeNDFvTw%2BFgI4eeZMgNyN502lc5%2BnKUqvpsy9JbvJfCVuB1DzRKmALMmBunZ%2Bh09d6P7u8Zgquk404OQqIyCDw4rZRTydtL%2BcRn1vwM2eXsikxOJrWq%2FiRs%2F0%2FrUjN6N%2Fdy8nnutzOeyZ2F8IcTTYWupO9ptj5i3iOEzTAVitUXOWi8TPcDUJ3HV2yTZtTxC43OPlWwshQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9iG24j0Yg&LH_BIN=1
  6. A Medio Fino is considered a good sounding student violin, that go for up to $2500 at some stores, about $1000 at mine, if you compare the prices of yours with the Medio Fino in the same cataloque you can get a good idea of the difference in quality, at least yours has real purfling, the Medio Fino does not, the tops will be pressed not carved but that is not bad for the tone, evidently
  7. 2nd Cheapest Lutherie Vosgienne, not cheap like Medio Fino or the other cheapest JTL violins
  8. Metropolitan Music will sell you a Herdim 1/20 taper shaver and matching reamer, probably the easiest way to solve your problem, whether you fit 1/20 pegs to the hole or fit a 1/20 boxwood fill
  9. While a mint condition violin like this might be worth $10,000 after a top level restoration that makes the cracks invisible, but that would probably cost more than $2000, as is 1.8 k for the violin seems about right, without the serial number they are harder to sell and authenticate but the 1732 should tell you which model it is, I would be concerned about the restorers ability to cosmetically repair cracks, ask to see some other examples of cracks he has repaired, at the top level the cracks would be invisible,.at the lowest level they would just be glued and look pretty much like they do now, that should not cost $2000, do you want to keep the violin or sell it, if sell then you would be better to sell it as is, you can list it in auction on ebay for 1800 min bid or take the shops offer, these instruments are iffy, I've had some look like this that didn't sound very good, others that sounded incredible just checked the 1732 is the VIR model so right in the middle of the different levels of Roth violins so maybe worth a couple thousand more than the basic 1700 strad model at full retail after restoration I've wholesaled one of these in better condition for $3000, that's about the upper level of what you might get as is
  10. I recently saw a higher end model 1922 EH Roth buy it now on ebay for $500 but just as I clicked on it had sold, it took only 10 minutes listing to sell, judging from the heavy antiqueing, tastefully done I would be sure it was one of the higher models, couldn't speculate which one, it had the older label seen before 1924, this type of label;
  11. People that buy $5 bridges from China also like to hide the stamp
  12. This looks like a really crappy violin, I don't know what people are going on about, I would never bid on this violin not even $50 free shipping
  13. Don't pay more than $200 if you like the sound of it
  14. Definitely falls into the possibly worth less repaired than the cost of the repairs, probably needs new pegs as well
  15. Doesn't look like the usual to me at all, looks more French
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