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  1. Yet to meet a good Scherl and Roth violin.
  2. If he's turning super rare baroque originals into modern set up he's part of the problem, a lot of members of the establishment are part of the problem.
  3. You mean Juzek didn't really make all those violins?
  4. If you're modernizing original baroque violins you're part of the problem, not the solution
  5. If an instrument has strong enough sentimental value, restoration is still an option, just so long as you realize it won't be worth the cost of the repairs to anyone but you and your family.
  6. So your answer is to attack all English people, I know who I would put on the ignore list!
  7. Don't see anything wrong with the A peg area, just a hair from the string that looks like a crack but isn't, the real problem is the neck pulling loose and the button broken off. You're not going to learn much here if you put Jacob on the ignore function!
  8. Well your violin looks like BOB construction, that's why I said Markneukirchen
  9. The before picture looks better but even then you've already messed with the varnish
  10. Yeah, Tecchler made in Markneukirchen Germany, and ruined by excessive overvarnish
  11. But don't tell the client it will sound better with a new bar because it might not.
  12. The two Roth brothers couldn't stand each other, that's what I remember, one dealt in high end violins and one dealt in crap
  13. Wrong it does have a historical value, you're just too blind to see it, if it has no historical value why do you have it??
  14. It comes down to whether you are a restorer of historical instruments that represent a piece of history, or a tinkerer that wants to put your footprint in everything with no concern for being historical at all.
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