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  1. nice, will make a great baroque/transitional violin
  2. I once bought a BMW hood ornament and stuck it on the hood of my Toyota pickup, is that a fake BMW??
  3. Looks like the button is pulling loose from the back, that's an expensive repair and not for first timers.
  4. There might be woodworm, but what is visible in the pictures is not woodworm but varnish wear
  5. I find that rubbing dirt or ebony sawdust into the exposed white areas, is sometimes good enough to make it blend.
  6. That's only one possibility. Another possibility is that the owner, the LA Philharmonic, did not have the budget for the full restoration the first time.
  7. After the theft and damage, the General Kidd cello had a 6 month restoration by Robert Cauer in Los Angeles, then not long afterward, this, a second restoration
  8. What about this violin distinguishes it from a standard BOB Markie??
  9. What about the other brand names Roth used like Oscar Meinel etc, do you see any of them in Europe??
  10. Satinwood is as dense and heavy as ebony, it would be a terrible choice for a back wood IMHO Might do fine for fittings, though.