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  1. As I said. "Chinese" and "nice" aren't mutually exclusive adjectives...
  2. There are small workshops in China producing some very nicely made instruments.
  3. Watch this space for 2022, maybe...
  4. Not sure what you mean by "ruffled" but I like to see/feel some ripple or undulation in the rib flames. To me, it's something to aim for, not to avoid..
  5. I find the L-N VM plane really useful for fingerboard making/shooting, especially fine-tuning scoop of playing surface and sides. I'm happy to have one.
  6. I agree, David, but I think the fundamental mistake here is not starting with a coarse grit stone to remove the grinding marks, then working up through the grits. It's madness to spend hours trying to flatten a blade on a 8000 grit stone.
  7. OK. I'll ask the obvious. if it worked well, why don't you use it anymore?
  8. I'm just wondering aloud about the value of modeling a bowed string in a way that doesn't allow for the timbral variations arising from bowing parameters etc. Not trying to upset anyone.
  9. That's a very nice video. I like to make my purfling using shavings from the same piece of poplar for both whites and blacks. I've found that it has less of a tendency to misbehave when gluing and twist when dry, compared with poplar/cherry.
  10. That's a nice article, thanks. As the guy says in section (13).2.3: "The simple Helmholtz solution is clearly incomplete for a number of reasons including: ................... (b) the insensitivity of the Helmholtz bowed waveform to the position and pressure of the bow on the string. In particular, the simple Helmholtz waveform involves partials with amplitudes proportional to 1/n, whereas such partials must be absent if the string is bowed at any integer multiple of the fraction 1/n along its length, since energy cannot be transferred from the bow to the string at a nodal position of a partial.......etc"
  11. Depends on the initial conditions. Which is why a plucked string sounds different from a struck string (and why the sound of a plucked string depends on where you pluck it, and what you pluck it with, for example).
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