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  1. While I understand the interest in this matter from a historical/scholarship point of view, to me it's kind of irrelevant. The important (practical) thing for me is that I can use a single middle period mold to build any model I've wanted to from the Biddulph book, just as accurately as I could with a dedicated one piece mold for each one. Just by packing out the neck/tail blocks as required.
  2. Guess I've been lucky with my guy. My surface ground Stanley planes are easily a match for my Lie Nielsens.
  3. I'd take it to a good machinist with a surface grinder. Life's too short to flatten a #7 by hand .
  4. Thanks for the reply. Do you think the corrosion additive is necessary? It seems very expensive to buy, once the free sample that comes with the wheel runs out.
  5. Charliemaine - Do you use your Tormek diamond wheel dry?
  6. They both have their merits, I'd say. I use both and wouldn't like to be without either.
  7. I agree, and am puzzled why others aren't recommending this approach.
  8. Sometimes I just want to "like" a post.
  9. I've found that old Japanese saw blades make excellent scrapers. I cut them out with tin snips, with generous margins to avoid buckling in the final item, then refine the shape on a disk sander. I like the sander better than a grinding wheel for this task - nice big flat bed to rest the work on.
  10. one of these: humidity controller linked up to 2 baby bottle warmers to generate steam works great to control humidity. They also make a temperature control version that I have linked up to an extractor fan for cooling. Could also be connected to the tubes to switch them off when it gets too hot. They are cheap, accurate enough and seem very reliable. Sorry - missed the part where you were leaving unattended for 6 weeks. My solution wouldn't help you, and I personally wouldn't do that.
  11. Sure - things change with the times. Anyway, I'm just a silly old sausage. Don't pay too much attention to me.
  12. Don't think that's their standard either.
  13. I wouldn't be losing any sleep over such a teensy weensy thing.
  14. They both sound like "Stairway to Heaven" to me.
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