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  1. Do you have any concerns about possible long term implications of heat treating?
  2. Probably couldn't sell it because it wasn't antiqued.
  3. See - we aren't even standardized in 2021
  4. And I am extremely disappointed that no-one has uttered the words "naughty boy" yet. Oops, I just did.
  5. Full story is, a while back I bought a "bargain" cello peg shaper on eBay that looked nice but I didn't know what it was. When it arrived, I ID'd it as an Aehnelt, then looked it up on their website. No good without their matching reamer. Bummer!
  6. Nope. I emailed them to double check. And the dimensions they give come out as 1:23
  7. On the topic of non-standard taper, does anyone know why Aehnelt use 1:23 for their cello reamers/shapers? (other than to make future repairers curse your name)"G 10221"
  8. Move over, Rover, Let Mr Sora take over
  9. I like bottom right guy. Really feeling it. Schleske has a kind of Hendrix pose thing going on. Davide is maybe also channeling Jimi
  10. From wood and either a plane or spokeshave blade.
  11. You can make your own if you have a reamer, or failing that I think there's a Herdim one. Also Wittner do one with interchangeable taper sleeves: 1:20, 1:25 and 1:30 in various sizes. Or an adjustable taper one, although I've never found one that doesn't give me the heebeejeebees. The Mark Jackson interchangeable taper shaver is legendary, but only a few were made, and getting an owner to part with one would be a task comparable with taking Charlton Heston's rifle.
  12. Not sure I'd agree with the first point, provided that the pegs fit well. Know a few people who use 1:20 these days, especially for boxwood pegs. I seem to recall someone telling me that Beare's use 1:20, but that might have been a fever dream.
  13. I think we should try. I only have 1:20, 1:25 and 1:30 reamers, though, so that limits what's possible for me, at least.
  14. Brad might disagree, but I think JTLs were often less than 1:20, more like 1:15. And I've seen Mirecourt fiddles with this kind of taper up to mid-ish 20th C. Never come across a 1:30 unless the pegs have been replaced. I think the answer to your original Q is "no".