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  1. In an alternative mythology: "Triumphs and Nortons and Beezers won't do - they don't have a soul like a Vincent '52 "
  2. Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but this is utter rubbish.
  3. The better Chinese workshop violins are excellent value for money. Nothing remotely crap about them.
  5. I'm afraid I haven't a clue, but feel compelled to compliment you on your user name.
  6. Threads get dragged off topic, because people can't resist the temptation to shoehorn in comments to show what a clever little sausage they are. I'm probably as guilty as anyone.
  7. It's a perfectly reasonable and appropriate response to the statements you've made.
  8. I'd disagree that the ribs and the back are a particularly spectacular match. I'd be perfectly OK with it, but wouldn't feel it was special enough to boast about.
  9. More often a sign of a neck graft rather than fake flame, surely?
  10. Does it have anything that can't be found on the website?
  11. Yes and yes, for resin:oil ratio less than 1.5:1.
  12. The little Lie Nielsen "violin maker's plane" works very well for this also.