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  1. I shipped from Europe to Japan. I used Boxtal to get the Best price. FedEx was the lowest. 500 to 700.
  2. I will try to make 2 rosin. One red with cochineal and one yellow with turmeric. 1st step is the Rosin dissolved in water and 1%KOH I use quantity for 1.5 liter. Now I need to wait few days. I wonder about the quantity of pigments and if I need to extract them with alcohol or to put them direct in the liquid. I intend to precipitate the red with Zn, and the yellow with Al and Fe.
  3. The seller present it as an original. Auction ends soon. https://www.ebay.com/itm/193923893600 I am doubtfull and think it is copy. What do you think?
  4. I did not update for long. I am at the varnishing steps. It still requires some layers, polishing, mounting... Just to share an overview. (Warning : It is amateur work) As we can see, my red varnish is a complete failure. But at least the wood is nice. David.
  5. I just received a red italian oil varnish from Joha/Hammerl. I tried to mix a bit with a part of my varnish. Both are oil based and look like to have same viscosity. When mixed it turned to a paste. Probably it is a proof that I had too many minerals in my varnish. David.
  6. I would be happy to restart the process and post here. But my instrument is just finished. As fresh varnish is required just before application I wonder if it makes sense to prepare it now. I need several month to make an instrument
  7. I think about an other différence. My varnish is still 'usable'. I dont need to prepare a new one while you say it require fresh one for each coat. It is still very fluide. I remenber I added few drops of Aspic before applying it.
  8. Thanks for your video. Your recipe resist to the main player environnemental factors. My varnish looks much more soft (2 weeks aged though) and much less colored despite I used a lot of madder. JM described in his book a red color varnish without use of the iron.
  9. May I ask you if my pink dried rosinate on the above pic looks as it should look? Are the small white particles all around the salts to remove? I may restart some processes with other colors
  10. I tried to find Who was Dietré, but did not found. I am not sure about the 'choix 0' which could refer to the wood/ violin quality. I dont think it is a name.
  11. Hello, First I thank you all for considering seriously my question. The receip follow the book proportion, except for the madder for which I increased the weigth of madder root x5 to produce the madder concentrate. Ground was a thin layer of potassium silicate + calcium sulfate (applied where I found minors scratches). Then few drop of cooked linseed oil that I bought ready made. the oil has a little red color . then the rosin was prepared with 2 receipt, 1st with Alun to get a Yellow varnish, 2nd with Zn (and little Fe) and Madder to get the Red varnish. I f