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  1. Greatest single movement: 3rd movement of Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite: Allegro misterioso - Trio estatico Greatest complete chamber music work: Beethoven Op. 131.
  2. Yes, it is certainly a tad confusing. It’s not enough to be signed in with your email and the upper right corner has a “LOGOUT” button. You need your Bidder’s ID too! Even though you’re logged into Tarisio using your email, you must sign in again on the bid page for the item using your Tarisio Bidder’s ID and password in order to successfully enter a bid.
  3. Another vote for Stevenson. Indestructible. The choice of many orchestras for international touring.
  4. Inclined to disagree. They’re gorgeous with a fine attention to detail. What precisely do you find “boring”?
  5. Thank you Martin for taking the time and effort to enlighten. Apologies to Chris, I can now more fully understand his uncertainty ....
  6. Now I'm confused. The OP's post referenced the Antoniazzi school 'Parravicini' at Tarisio that chrissweden subsequently suggested might not be authentic while being aware of an instrument (Parravicini?) available with certification. I am curious who is responsible for that cert. Later chrissweden suggests that the Romeo Antoniazzi at Brompton's with accompanying Bisiach certification is also not authentic? One would think that a Bisiach cert would be sufficient regarding authenticity as Antoniazzi had earlier in his career worked for that precise firm. IMHO if anyone could reliably authenticate Antoniazzi, it would be Bisiach. Personally I would be very reluctant to dispute their authority as regards any Antoniazzi instruments. Unless he is suggesting that the cert does not belong to the violin. Based on what evidence? I too am curious as to how chrissweden reached his conclusions.
  7. I have a friend whose regular gigging instrument is an 1894 Romeo Antoniazzi violin. It is truly a glorious sounding instrument. It is also one of those instruments that for some reason is effortless to play. Didn’t a Romeo Antoniazzi cello sell recently for a hefty sum?
  8. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/340919-top-10-destinations-for-contemporary-certificates-of-authenticity/ Additional content.
  9. If available for installation, aren't bridges sorted and priced according to age and condition? I seem to recall antique bridges available at higher figures at some luthiers. Perhaps at double or more of the cost of new bridges.
  10. Personally I wouldn’t leave any bows at Benning’s for re-hairing. They farm that out. Jeff Muller on Pico near Bundy certainly does the best job at rehairs & I’ve pretty much tried them all. He is ultra fastidious and absolutely understands bows. Additionally he will take the time to deepen your understanding. Also a multi-generational luthier.
  11. Fantastic Musical Instruments in Pasadena specializes in basses and cellos. They have a huge listing presence on Craigslist LA. Worth a closer look if it’s cellos they’re interested in.
  12. Not looking for cheapest, just trying to get a general idea of costs. (hundreds of $, thousands?). As stated, presuming a non-through neck. Curious as to other consequences which must be considered to get any idea. Please.
  13. If we may assume 3 possible methods to correct for a super short/low bridge: 1. Fingerboard shim install 2. Neck reset 3. Neck graft (preserving the original scroll) As regards cost, I have established one estimate/cost @$250 for the shim install. Additional $175 for new bridge = $425 for the job. Presuming a non-through neck, Is anyone prepared to suggest ballpark figures to accomplish the other two above listed methods?
  14. That sounds like a great solution. I am wondering however, if the addition of a shim under the fingerboard impacts the value of an instrument or is it completely overlooked in the marketplace?
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