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  1. Here is a 3/4 size ( stick-length 67,4cm) bow with a little ( or is it a big?) problem. Some ....... ( insert own epithet here) person has secured a nasty wire winding by putting a pin in the stick! The crack is small (1,5cm, 7cm from frog on the underside) and the pin is still in place ( I removed the wire), of which I hope the pictures give some idea. ( my phone camera just isn't up to those jobs) My question is, if the bow is destined for the tomato-patch ( my last lot shrivelled up and died on me!), which I dearly hope not to be the case as the other pictures show a rather interesting head. ( the current frog and button are an insult to the stick!) The stamp " PAJOT" I have not seen before spelled like this! I know it's not one of those, as I am an ardent Pajeot-lover ( sadly not owner). A few years ago I was playing in the orchestra, on a recording with Renaud Capouçon and he let my try his recently acquired Pajeot. ( very similar to Lot 38, Sotheby's Nov.'87, maybe even that one!) OMG!!! To my amateur eyes this looks like something else beginning with "P". ( D or F??). Can/should this be saved? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  2. My thanks to Mr.Swan for his concise and "obvious-now-you-mention-it"-ly accurate answer. I am an avowed "Bownut"! Ever since my teacher (Sidney Griller) showed and allowed me to try his Tourte, which he maintained was "played out", I have been fascinated by fine bows. ( I wonder where it is now!) I think he must have seen the glow in my eyes, as he subsequently organised a good Tubbs for me to use. I can't say I had a clue how to go about using the Tourte way back then but I am getting the feeling I have started to learn now. The point of my discourse is that, despite years of looking at whatever bows come my way, reading books, articles ( The Pegbox is a cornucopia of information and ideas!) and badgering colleagues to examine theirs, I still miss so many tricks when "push-comes-to-shove" on identifying interesting sticks. I suppose I just haven't seen enough, at close quarters, in the company of someone whose knowledge runs deep. Thanks again Mr.Swan and, if I may, would like to post further conundrums from my collection, some of which, I hope, will prove to be more interesting than this, my " Maiden" post. Yours, Bownut
  3. Dear Sirs, I have read that some bows from the C.N.Bazin Workshop bear the stamp " PAJEOT". I had never seen one before; a few "DODD"s, many " TOURTE"s and now, is this one? Opinions? Nickel mounted, 57g, Stick length 72,9cm. Very good condition, I hope my pictures can do some justice to the wood! Thanks, Bownut