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  1. Ok....noooooooowwwww I know how my biker Dad snagged a girlfriend my age. So much knowledge to be learned here on various topics, lol!!!!
  2. Haha my hubby was gifted some home brew after doing a job by a settlement. He had a particularly hard day at work a few weeks later and got into the stuff. A few hours later I just saw his feet sticking out from the bushes by the shop.... I suspect this magical stuff is what keeps their arteries clear as a whistle when the amount of butter is a kin to the amount of water most would use to boil perogies!
  3. I actually replied to this ad when it was first posted and told the same about its age. I also requested photos where the cracks are...I was pretty specific in asking what additional photos I wanted. To Their credit, they did send other photos but nothing in the ball park of what I was asking for. So I decided to not pursue it any longer. I get annoyed when sellers come off potentially as less than honest. I do think they know perhaps of ten years of history but I think the cello is likely older than that, so I don’t think your entirely wrong!
  4. I’m really curious to hear what others say too! I saw this same ad as well. The ad states no cracks though.....I’m not going to pretend to be an expert but I see a few cracks on the top. I as well thought the vanish may have been stripped at some point too. It does look like a pretty cello if someone might be willing to spend a bit extra on the work it would need!
  5. I’m really appreciating the reply’s so thank you! I hope my comments are visible soon so that I can partake in the conversation in a more meaningful way. Please see my above comment I made yesterday regarding my budget in case this helps clarify or adds value to my question.
  6. Thank you for the replies. Brad, my budget would ideally be $7000 Canadian although I may be willing to go up a bit if my hair was really blown back by a fiddle. I’m currently playing an Eastman 305 and while it is a great violin for what it is....I’ve just become a little uninspired by its sound. Having a violin made by one artisan really appeals to me but having said that I realize my budget may not allow that so I’m not completely married to the idea and willing to look at other suggestions! Televet, thank you so much for the first hand account! I will be listening to these clips with proper head phones soon.
  7. Hello Everyone! Lurker here making their first post. I’ve enjoyed the knowledge and humour of you spicy, clever group of members so I thought I would join to gain a bit more knowledge and hopefully contribute some where I can☺️ I wasn’t sure if I should post this in PegBox or Fingerboard so I chose here as I’m looking for both players and luthiers opinions if they have any first hand experience with these luthiers instruments. I’m looking for a new violin and the idea of a bench made one really appeals to me. Having said that my budget would fall best in the Eastern European Luthier category if I look for one. Does anyone have experience with any violins made by the following people? Ivan Stankov Mitio Dimitrov Angela Moneff Due to where I’m located even if Covid wasn’t an issue if I wanted a substantial upgrade over what I currently play it would mean mail order or a bigger trip. Since mail order is my only option right now I thought I would gather as much info as I could before hand so I could hopefully narrow down what to try on an in home trial. Any thoughts/knowledge appreciated!!!
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