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  1. @GoPractice Thank you! I am in love with my instrument! And to your previous post, because my violin was made in 2018 it may have been the previous owner who has done some of the wear. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of when I first got the violin so I can't say for certain. @Michael Darnton and @Brad Dorsey I have heard of violins having clear tape in the area but I will probably wait for a luthier to do the procedure. I quite don't trust myself haha.
  2. Hello @Dwight Brown ! Unfortunately, I live quite aways from Del Rio near the Brownsville area. Would you happen to know any luthiers that are closer? I would greatly appreciate this because it would be nice not to drive so far for a good luthier.
  3. Hello! Three months ago, I bought a violin from a contemporary violin maker in New York. Combine South Texas heat with daily five hour practice sessions and you get sweaty palms! Somehow, in that short time frame, that led to the varnish on the shoulder of my violin break down rather quickly. How can I prevent further damage and will I be able to repair it myself? I would rather not take the violin to the luthier at this time because the pandemic in Texas is quite bad right now...
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