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  1. Interesting! Thanks for your insights, Philip. I did not know he completely removed himself from construction. I wonder if Morel ever spent time in Dieudonne's shop.. How close does your colleagues 1934 cello look to this one? What is the market for them these days?
  2. Hello wonderful Maestronet people, Can you help verify that this cello is from Dieudonne's workshop? No photo of the label, but supposedly 1930. What is the opinion of his cellos? I have heard after his injuries in the first world war he stepped back from some of the labor involved in construction. Thanks so much.
  3. Yikes. Thanks for the insight, Jacob. While I have your attention, what are your thoughts on this cello? Labeled Laberte, but I am so weary of Chinese copies. Sorry the pictures are not much to go off. Does it look right from what you can see?
  4. Thank you, @Violadamore! Was hoping for French, the luthier I bought it from believed it to be so but I knew to come here to get the real low-down . I have not come across a German instrument from that time with such red varnish! Any idea of the value? I would imagine they are somewhat more desirable than the post-1900 Markies(?), and this one has been regrad. Very resonant. Yes I noticed something was wrong with the label when I tried to research what instrument Stradivari built in 1739..
  5. Hi there, recently bought this cello and looking for more info about origin and date. The luthier that I bought it from believed it to be Mirecourt, roughly 1880, but I am not sure, may be German. Varnish is a bit more dark red than these photos show. Strad label and 1897 repair marking. Thanks for your insights.
  6. WPage24

    Cello ID

    Hi, I was referred here from the Internet Cello Society forums as the place to get opinions on a cello I am considering purchasing. The man that restored this Cello believes it to be French, late 19th century. I was able to play on it a couple weeks ago, and it had amazing projection, with a booming C. On old strings! There is a penciled marking inside “Repaired by John Carlson 1897”. Anyone heard of him?
  7. Anyone familiar with the maker Ernst Kessler out of Berlin?
  8. Looking for some guidance here, label says Paul Bailly but it looks German.. Sorry the photos are not more clear! Taken from a listing. Thanks in advance.
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