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  1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it : ) I have had some fun over the last days trying to figure it out : ) thank you for all your help and responses
  2. I don't really mind who made it, I have no intention of selling the violin : ) but would be nice to know a bit of history. (Which I have ) I mean a name would be nice even if the person who made it only made a couple of violins as a beginner. But I might not ever find out who made it Just thought to post here as I couldn't find anything and I'm not expert with violins : ) yes it is quite impossible to read which is a shame, but thank you for your help I really appreciate it : ) But even by posting there could be another person with the same label and that would be pretty cool to find
  3. Could it have been removed when it the scroll was crafted ? I know ha ha ha it's so hard! Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it
  4. It has a nice scroll? (I haven't been around alot of violins so hard to say. It's very delicate. Here are some more photos of the scroll. It looks a bit wonky I'm just bad at taking photos
  5. Thank you!! Tobin violin back 350mm string length 327mm and stop length 192mm My violin back length 353mm (measuring from edge to edge, if it's purfling to edge it's 350mm) string length 330mm and stop length 194mm It does look pretty close! And the scroll looks pretty much the same
  6. Thank you so much for your reply!! I was just looking at Richard Tobin and he makes violin that are on the smaller side, I just had a measure and my violin has the exact measurements of his petite violin. When I first got it I thought it was 7/8 but it was just a small full size I can get the t bin (the O could be a b it has a line but isn't dark)
  7. Yes I think it is! Sorry I was going off a friend when they wrote down threadneedle! Thank you
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my violin and provide any information regarding it. The label states Bellegeuele and co musical instruments manufacturers 157 regent Street corner of break flat London The stamp I can't read ? Maybe Joiss? Jais? Gbis? It also has a neck graft Any information would be greatly appreciated Kindest regards