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  1. Thanks @Brad Dorsey, looks like you answered the question. The linked M.S.C. catalog in that blog post shows they sold M.S.C. Solo bows, so I’m guessing this must be one. For reference, I’ve attached a photo of the bow in question next to a nickel mounted.
  2. Thanks for the educational info.
  3. Can anyone make out the stamp and/or ID this bow? The stamp is very small and faint, and the bow has quite a bit of wear. The middle letter is S, the third I think is G or C, the first looks like either H or M. Silver mounted octagonal. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the interesting discussion. The violin sounds great to my ears (for my amateur old time playing). The guy I purchased it from had recent work completed: crack repaired, new fingerboard, nut, bridge, tailpiece, so it's very comfortable and easy to play. Compared to the other trade fiddles I recently played, this one sounds as good or better, and plays much easier thanks to the fresh setup. I'd be interested to know if the other AW trade fiddles have the same "Adjusted" designation on the label. To me, "Adjusted" could very reasonably mean setting the bridge and sound post, and hanging it on the wall for sale. If he did re-graduate and finish trade fiddles, like the research notes, maybe those labels say something else? I believe the bench-made fiddles all have a number, along with the month and year.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, is mine a Markneukirchen or Mittenwald?
  6. I recently purchased this Asa White "adjusted" trade violin, dated Sept. 1874. I've done some internet searching, and haven't been able to find any photos of the trade instruments he graduated, finished and sold. I figured I'd post this for anyone else looking for comparison. If anyone has interesting info or experience with his imports, I'd love to hear it. Lots of good information here: https://www.afvbm.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/THE-HISTORICAL-SIGNIFICANCE-Warren-White.pdf He sold the German violins for $9, the French violins for $13, and his own for $55-$100.
  7. Do the odd-shaped F-holes point to anything in particular? Just an adventurous amateur?
  8. Hi, Does anyone have any ideas on when and where this violin may have been made? The person who I bought it from thought Saxon from 1780-1800. I didn't pay much for it, it plays well, and doesn't need work, so I'm not concerned about value- I'd just like to understand its history. No label or markings. Thanks for any ideas! -Garth
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