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  1. I took lessons with a folk cellist last year, who gave me a pretty beginner song to play. But she didn’t believe in writing anything down, so I tried to scribble down what she was doing as she did it. I haven't looked at this in about a year. The scribbles are hard to parse & I'm really hoping someone just knows the song. Here is what I know: The whole song is G and D string. I know that the (1) is all on the G string. I know that, at minimum, the DEGE on (2) is all on the D string. But what’s near the end of 2, I didn't even know and just guessed. C? D? G? On which string? I can ALMOST get it - there’s the 1 section, the 2 section with two endings, and lower there’s the three section. But then in the repeat ordering, it says 1, 2 end. And then underneath that vertically, 3, 2a, 3, 2b. But then if we're looking vertically, why does it start with "2end"? I’m so lost. I’m trying to play different pieces to see what sounds good, but I'm too new to really know what's working. Thank you for any help!